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New Maryland Whitetail Deer Regulations for 2012-2014

Well it’s been talked about it, disputed, argued over, and I’m sure a few even yelled but it looks like the MD DNR has made their mind up on the new deer hunting regulations. Here’s a quick rundown of what I discovered. There are still two Regions, A and B, and they have their own limits on doe harvest. Now here is the important part, you are now only allowed 3 bucks per year total, one per weapon. Yes, that means one with your bow, one with your ML, and one with your gun. I know you are getting mad, I hope not, but let me finish, now DNR did give us a BONUS Antlered deer stamp in REGION B ONLY, that is ONE BONUS STAMP that can be used under any weapon of choice. You do have to buy the stamp, and harvest two does first as always. So if you only have land to  hunt in Region A, this does not apply to you, and I’m sorry, so hurry up and make some friends in Region B. Now for the grand finale, and this makes me extremely happy and delighted as I’m as hard core as you get from beginning to end. You ready for this, you sure, ok here it is, BOW SEASON NOW OPENS ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2012. I don’t know about you but I feel like this is a great victory and I for one am totally pumped for the early opener. For more information please review all the regulation changes at MD DNR.

20 Point Buck Taken in Maryland

Well here you go, this is the reason for Huntography, to hear about the accomplishments of everyday average hunters through social media, and because of Twitter, I have this story for you. Taylor Lord, @RednckPrncess on Twitter contacted me to tell me her boyfriend William (below) shot a 20 point buck, so of course I wanted to hear all about it so I could share with all of you. Check him out below, he must have still been in shock cause I would have had the biggest grin you ever did see. Congratulations William on one terrific buck
downsized9511291107111 20 Point Buck Taken in Maryland
                                                   William Breeding
                                                    Laurel Grove Rd Federalsburg MD
                                                    Age: 21
He woke up really early that morning to go sit in the tree stand. You can see American Corner Road, Federalsburg, MD from the stand but I’m pretty sure the location would be Laurel Grove Road, Federalsburg, MD. Each roads are the same distance apart from the stand. He saw the buck come out of the woods from a distance, I don’t think he knew exactly how many points the buck was but he knew it was pretty big. He started calling the buck in, and the buck came running towards him then stopped. He waited for the buck to turn so he could get a good shot. One shot, the buck started running then fell in the field. He called his brother and dad to tell them he had shot and would need help getting him out. Once they got up there he realized it was a 20 point buck. He tried calling me all morning but of course my phone hadn’t charged the night before and it was off. When I finally woke up and got ready for work I turned my phone on and he called me telling me he shot a 20 point buck and wanted me to come see it but I had to be at work shortly. It was a warm day that day so he had to hurry up and take it to Mr. Truitt in Hurlock, MD, taxidermy. He told William that the buck had been a 22 or 23 point buck but must have gotten into a fight with another buck and lost 2 or 3 points from where the break in the antlers were.
downsized951129110711a1 20 Point Buck Taken in Maryland
This story was provided by Tailor Lord, thanks so much for sharing this story with one amazing buck. Please if you’re a Maryland hunter, fisherman, or outdoorsman send us your story, we’d love to hear about it.

Family Fishing Fun in Maryland

So I finally got the family out on our first fishing excursion of the year. There was rain in the forecast the entire weekend and mid afternoon today the sun came out so we took off.

wpid 2012 03 25 17.35.44 Family Fishing Fun in Maryland

With the clearing skys and the sun shining it was such a perfect day to wet a line. It was so nice just to be out enjoying the outdoors even though the fishing was still a little slow we managed to get a couple.

wpid 2012 03 25 17.07.48 Family Fishing Fun in Maryland

Fish or no fish it was quality time spent in the outdoors with my family. Nothing makes me more proud than to pass down what I have learned in the outdoors to others. I surely hope you got to spend time in the outdoors with your family this weekend.

There’s an Ambush in Maryland

So I finally got to use my Cabelas christmas gift certificates and one of the things I purchased was the new Cuddeback Ambush trail camera.

wpid 2012 03 24 10.52.58 Theres an Ambush in Maryland

The Ambush is their new model of the Attack but it is much smaller and as you can see fits nicely in my hand. As far as good cameras go this one is moderately priced at $200.00 which is comparable to simular makes and models. As far as Cuddebacks go the Ambush was simple to use, just install batteries, set date and time, and turn the knob. Yep it was that easy.

wpid 2012 03 24 12.37.24 Theres an Ambush in Maryland

Here it is on the tree nice and snug thanks to a nice little mounting bracket that came with the camera. I like all the new features of this new little Ambush and it now has a battery monitor, my only complaint with Cuddeback in the past. As with tradition if this Ambush takes as nice a picture or better than previous models it will be a great addition to my collection of trail cameras. Stay tuned for updates when I check the card for the first time.

Drop Tine Pursuits, A Maryland Based Hunting Company

Logo 20121 1024x791 Drop Tine Pursuits, A Maryland Based Hunting Company

Drop Tine Pursuit is a small town family business based on the hopes and dreams of two brothers.  We are both lifelong hunters who continue to learn new hunting methods to increase our fun & success.  We’ve always had big ideas, endless dreams and our passion for hunting ultimately lead us to designing & creating a hunters brand of everyday gear.  In 2010 we started pursuing our dream of designing and producing DTP gear.  Two years later and Drop Tine Pursuit is rapidly growing into product of choice for everyday gear.  We are now on the shelves of our local hunting store as well as representing three hunting teams.  We look forward to becoming the everyday brand amongst the Hunting Community.

Richard 8pt Drop Tine Pursuits, A Maryland Based Hunting Company                              Richard with a nice 8pt buck he had recently taken

Junior 1024x964 Drop Tine Pursuits, A Maryland Based Hunting Company                            Chris in the field sporting a nice DTP hat.

DTP is co-owned by Richard Thompson, the founder, and Chris Thompson who is in charge of web design and marketing. These two have certainly taken their passion to the next level. I have been talking with the guys on Twitter, and they seem very personable and dedicated to what they are doing. Please check their site out as they offer unique hats, beanies, visors, and shirts. They will even take custom shirt orders if you would like a different color than shown. I’ve always been a strong supporter for guys like this who are just trying to make their dream a reality.

Orange Hat and Birds 729x1024 Drop Tine Pursuits, A Maryland Based Hunting Company

These guys hunt in Maryland, so show your support and look them up. You can find them Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or feel free to email them directly at Tell them @BigBuckPW from Twitter sent you.

Susquehanna River in Maryland is Starting to Heat Up!!!

Post by Shane Muller, Field Editor   Twitter @smuller8

Rumors are that catch and return Rockfish season is heating up along with perch and largemouth bass fishing on the Flats and Susquehanna River. Casting bucktails, Bass Assassins, Gulps, surface plugs and bloodworms are beginning to work well. Don’t forget Loch Raven as well. Largemouths, pickeral, bluegills, perch and crappies have moved into the shallows as a result of this warm weather. The waters haven’t been right fully yet in most places, but it’s getting to be that perfect time of the year. The Flats is a great place to get out and find some nice rockfish. And for a family fishing trip, the Perch and Bass are here to stay and are getting hot! There have been lots of reports of good schools of Perch moving in. They are fun fish to catch for the family! Now is the time to get out for good fishing, and the weather is perfect.

If you have never fished on the Flats before, here is an article that explains how you should fish it and where you will find the best luck! The guy who has written this has fished the flats for 14 years and really knows his stuff: Flats Update

New Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail

One of my best buds, and my first official Field Editor for Maryland Huntography, and creator of, Dave Ziegler was lucky enough to attend this past weekend’s Maryland QDMA’s annual banquet. He was also fortunate enough to meet and interview Dale Gertz, and now brings us the story of the new Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail. Thanks Dave, and well done.

Every now and again, a Whitetail Buck emerges to mystify all who lay eyes on him.  Well, Planet Whitetail brings you the new Maryland Monster Buck!  Planet Whitetail traveled to the Maryland Quality Deer Management banquette, where we met Dale Gertz, owner of Q.B.H Homes.  Dale is also the owner of something else special.  The New Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail!  The bucks official score, a stunning 208 7/8 Pope and Young inches.

dalegertz1 533x800 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

An amazing thing about this buck is that fact that he broke off his left side main beam in velvet.  If you look closely at the photo, you will clearly see the break.  Dale tells us that the buck would have likely scored over 230 inches if he had not broken off that part of his main beam! At the QDMA banquette on Saturday, there were vendors on hand, such as Chesapeake Taxidermy, Code Blue Scents and The Maryland Hunting Quarterly.  Even still, the Gertz Buck was the center of attention.  It’s not often, that the words Maryland and 200 Inch Whitetail are uttered in the same sentence.  Don’t get me wrong.  Each year, this small east cost state produces a hand full of Boone and Crockett Bucks. Every now and then, you might even here about a buck cracking the amazing 200 inch mark.

horses 0331 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

The Gertz Buck on the other hand is special.  This four year old buck has everything you could wish for in your buck of a lifetime!  The buck sports an amazing set of antlers.  Wide, with massive main beams measuring well over twenty inches.  Amazing ten inch brow tines and kicker points coming from all direction.  Perhaps most impressive, the buck sports three drop tines, including one off the deers right main beam that has to be close to a foot long!  The Gertz Buck is the real deal.  A real Monster Buck!

I was really excited to be able to spend about forty minutes talking with Dale about his New Maryland State Record Whitetail.  Dale was more than happy to tell his story!  We looked at trail camera photos of the buck in previous years and Dale told me about how he went to great lengths to secure property that borders his Anne Arundel county one hundred fifty acre farm.  With nearly three hundred fifty acers between owned and leased property, Dale began his QDM program.  Running trail cameras, planting food plots, designating sanctuary areas and completely changing the way he and  his friends were using his property, Dale was able to grow and hold the Monster Buck.  Like so many of us, Dale became obsessed with the buck and even named him Kickers because of the numerous kicker points the buck sports on it’s giant rack.

Gertzbuck New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

The full story of this amazing buck is almost too long for the pages of this blog. With that said, Planet Whitetail is excited to be working exclusively with Dale Gertz on a story to be published in the pages of  North American Whitetail Magazine.  Planet Whitetail will bring you all the details on this amazing buck. From trail camera photos to scouting and management tricks used by the author, down to the fate full day when this Maryland Monster met his match.  Keep your eyes on Planet Whitetail for updates and details on that story including when you will be able to pick it up for yourself later in the year. Here is one final picture of the unforgettable beast. 

Dale Gertz 800 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

Hunt Hard.

Hunting Forges a Tradition for Family and Friends in Maryland

Written by Shane Muller, Field Editor   Twitter @smuller8

dad and chris1 Hunting Forges a Tradition for Family and Friends in Maryland

Spending time in the outdoors has brought more friends together than anything else! There is something about hunting and fishing that can bring family and friends close together. They say that you should get your kids involved in the outdoors with you as soon as possible and they will love it and it will bring kid and parent closer. I believe that is true because my dad had me in the woods since I was 5 and I still love hunting and fishing and it has brought my dad and I close. And his dad and he did the same thing, and they still hunt together today. If you look around at hunters, the people they hunt with were at one point just some random person but when they meet and talk about the outdoors and spend some time walking the woods for sheds or even scouting a new spot the friendship can become close. It is important that you try and get your family involved with the outdoors because there is a falling tradition that needs to be reborn because it is a tradition that still allows people to connect in the best way. Even some married couple hunts together, and they are some of the happiest couples. Just remember that if you want to get to know someone better, take them fishing or hunting and they will open up and you will bond a friendship.

Less than a Month for Maryland Spring Turkey Opener

Well the time is here, and yes we have less than one month before turkey season is officially open. Now if you’re a minor, then you get to take advantage of us old guys and can take to the field on April 11, 2012 while we wait until April 18, 2012. I haven’t been turkey hunting long, but I have watched as turkey hunting popularity has grown in Maryland along with the flock sizes. There are some many more opportunities out there for you then when I started. I’m especially excited this year as I gained a new property in Southern Maryland that is just loaded with birds. Most of my turkey hunting success has been in Pennsylvania and New York where the flocks have always been tremendous. Be sure to check out the Turkey Opener, and be sure to share you’re turkey hunting success stories on Maryland Huntography.

731475 R1 23 22A Less than a Month for Maryland Spring Turkey OpenerHere is a picture of my wife’s first turkey, a jake, but nothing less than an extraordinary memory for her, and now a life long addition. Every year I take my wife, Holly Freyer afield we me to chase wild turkey’s. She loves it, and I love having her by my side creating memories that will last a lifetime. Happy hunting everyone!

Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

Post written by Field Editor, Tim Babikow, aka GOOSE and Twitter @wildthing22tb

What a beautiful weekend! It was great weather to get out in the woods!

This weekend I had the chance to get out and freshen up mineral sites. Mineral sites are very important for Spring, and Summer. Not only do the Bucks need these essential minerals for antler growth, but doe’s will use them as they prepare there bodies to care for, and give birth to this years fawns.

Two of my favorite products are the Trophy Rock, and Vita-Rack 26 Lick site. I have had very good luck drawing in the bucks with the Trophy rock, but I believe the Vita -rack 26 has what it takes to help those bucks grow inches! It has 26 different vitamins, and minerals!
I start the process by clearing debris on or near heavily used deer trails, then turn over the first 3-4 inches if soil in a 3-4 foot area.

DSCF0094 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

After loosening the soil I pour vita rack in and mix with the loose soil, then sprinkle some on top. Done! That’s all you would have to do, but I usually take it two steps further. I use the Trophy Rock on top of the site, because it seems to work very well in attracting the deer to the site within a few days. I even put corn directly in the lick site just to make sure the deer get right on it.

DSCF0079 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

Not only will this benefit the herd, but it is a very good spot to hang a cam to get a first look at that future P&Y!!

DSCF0099 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

DSCF0081 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

Deer use mineral sites all year, so it’s never to late to get out there and put some minerals to work for you!