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Maryland Yeilds yet Another Turkey

Turkey season has proven to be very fruitfull this year as my friends and I have been knocking them down pretty consistantly. Yesterday was no exception as I put my good friends wife Bronwyn on another nice turkey this year.

wpid IMG 20120428 00049 Maryland Yeilds yet Another Turkey

I myself was on the other side of the property with my hands full trying to fill my second tag. There was no lack of excitement as I called in three different groups of jakes, a pair of long beards, and one giant Tom. Now a picture would have went out yesterday if I hadn’t decided to put my skills to the test with my bow. Out of all the birds I saw, close to 20, the only ones to not offer me a shot were the long beards of course. Oh well that is why this is called hunting and also one of the reasons I love bowhunting so much. Here’s a view from my blind yesterday.

wpid 2012 04 28 11.14.50 Maryland Yeilds yet Another Turkey

There is still plenty of time left in the season as we have till May 23rd and remember from May 10th you can hunt all day. Good luck turkey hunters, and keep knocking them down in Maryland. Good luck and be safe.

Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!

After many months of scouting and planning opening day of Maryland’s Spring Turkey Season has come and gone, but not without a few bangs. As opening day approached my  good buddy Peyton Emerson and I were planning our hunt, and at 3:45am on April 18, 2012 we were on our way. As we pulled into the parking area to get ready, the gobblers were already sounding off in the trees, so we had to hurry. As we got all our gear together, our hearts were beating about as fast as a NASCAR race as we listened to turkey’s gobble the whole way into the woods. We went to a spot that I have had a camera on and I knew it to be a fly down and strutting spot for the birds. We quickly set up the blind, threw a couple calls out the window and the games began. Right off the bat, I struck a gobbler, and he fired back hard. It was only a couple minutes later we could see him slowly making his way to us. As he approached the blind, he was strutting and gobbling, and putting on just a great show. I enjoyed every minute until he was 10 yards right in front of the blind, and in the blink of an eye it was all over.

2012 04 18 08.04.44 800x600 Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!

Peyton was ready to run out there to him, and I held him up since I knew there was plenty more birds around. After stopping him, I had to calm myself down, and then we started calling again. Not long after my shot, we struck some other birds, and worked them for a bit, and then nothing. About an hour after I shot, and just casually calling, one gobbled, and he was close. We both jumped to our feet in so many words, and game on once again. Peyton whispered, “there he is, I see him, he’s coming, get ready”. He had a better vantage point than me as I was still looking for a visual. I got the camera ready, and when I was finally set up, I looked and there he was with three of his buddies that is. Yes, not one, but four birds were coming in, it was hard to believe. It was so amazing watching these birds come in, I really haven’t had that many great turkey experiences. As I videoed Peyton concentrated on the birds, and picked out the biggest one to shoot, of course it was the last one. It was crazy to have that many birds come to the call, and then watch three really nice birds go by, but the big boy finally got into range and Peyton put him down!

2012 04 18 07.59.40 800x600 Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!

So it was only 8:00 am on opening morning of the season and we had two nice long beards on the ground. Goes to show what hard work and diligent scouting will do for you. They say you can’t pattern turkey’s but if you can get close to their core area, you have a great chance to call one in.

2012 04 18 08.02.15 800x600 Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!

So now it’s Friday, and I’m at work so Peyton took our good friend Rob Ballentine down to the property for his first turkey hunt of the year. As they arrived at the farm they too got out of the truck hearing gobblers sounding off in the trees. They got their gear together and hustled to the closest bird. They got right in on the birds, watched three nice long beard fly down, strut around, and then walk off in the wrong direction. After their first attempt failed, they began running and gunning as we call it to try and locate another interested bird. As they came back to the truck they saw a lone gobbler in the far corner of the field, so they put a plan together and got on the move. As Peyton knows the property, he suggested to circle around the property on the road to try and cut off the turkey. The hopped in the truck and were on the move as time was of the essence. As they arrived at their destination, they no sooner started to make their way into the woods and the bird gobbled. They moved a little closer and began calling, immediately the bird gobbled back and he was on his way. It only took a few minutes before they put their eyes on him, watching him make his way in. This bird wasn’t about to go easy as he hung up at 45 yards refusing to come any closer. Rob being an experienced turkey hunter took the shot before the bird moved off. Rob hit the mark, and the bird fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

IMG 20120420 00040 1024x768 Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!

Now it’s Saturday and time for me to take my wife, Holly Freyer out to the turkey woods, as she absolutely loves calling to the birds and hearing them gobble. Of course as luck goes, our morning was slow, barely any gobbling off the roast, and it got darn quiet once the birds hit the ground. We sat for almost three hours, and finally we heard a bird gobble, so I responded with a few calls, he gobbled and then nothing. I told her be patient if he got quiet he’s probably coming, and a few minutes later he gobbled again, and now he was close. We looked hard into the woods, and about 30 seconds later, there he was with a buddy right behind him. They came right in but skirted around us just out of range for Holly’s 20 gauge. After such a close call, and a slow start to the morning, I decided it was time to move, so we got to our feet to try and find an interested bird. It didn’t take long and I struck one a few hundred yards away from where we were, only problem was he was with a few hens. Everytime I called, he gobbled and the hens screamed back. They wanted a yelling match, well I was up for the challenge, and I layed on the call, answering them everytime they yelped, cutt, or clucked, and before I realized it the gobbler had made some ground in our favor, and was at seventy yards strutting. Talk about exciting, I could see Holly’s gun barrel shaking in her hands and she tried to stay steady in this heart pounding experience. This gobbler was definitely interested but wasn’t coming any closer no matter what I did, so we got to watch quite a show, but then he walked off out of site. Being a little discouraged at this point  I decided to go back to where we started as I knew it was a good spot. We settled back into the blind and it didn’t take long before we heard another gobble. This bird of course was with hens, and after working him for about an hour, he went quite and once again another one vanished  into the woods. With an hour and a half left I decided to stay put, and keep calling as I knew there had to be more birds around. As with Peyton’s bird, we heard a lone gobble around 11:30 am and he was close. I immediately answered back with a soft yelp and then a purr, and he exploded back with another gobble. I knew it was now or never as this day was quickly ending, so I used all my knowledge, and did not call again. The next time the bird gobbled he was way closer, and now I was desperately searching the woods for a visual. I finally saw him about 40 yards out slowly making his way toward our decoy, stopping to strut every couple steps. I got the camera ready and told her to get ready cause he was definitely coming. As I looked at my wife, I knew her nerves have had just about all they could take so I told her to hold steady, I’ll tell you when. As we both watched him come in, I was shaking as bad as she was, I wanted her to get that bird so bad. We whispered back and forth the whole time, as he slowly made his approach, his time was up as I told her “I got him, SHOOT”! BOOM! He went right down and our breaths quickly left our bodies as we were overwhelmed with excitement. She had made a great shot, and I couldn’t of been prouder of my girl. This wasn’t her first turkey, but it was her first Maryland Long Beard and I got to share the experience with her and even got it on film.

2012 04 21 11.57.43 800x600 Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!

Such a memorable day to share with my wife, and it wouldn’t of happened without our love for each other, and the love of a good spring turkey hunt. I wish you all the best of luck when you venture into the woods this spring, as nothing beats a successful turkey hunt. With some good scouting, a little hard work, and a lot of patience you might be lucky enough to leave the woods like this. Good luck to you all, and please share your stories here at Maryland Huntography.

2012 04 21 12.02.15 800x600 Maryland Turkey Season Starts With A BANG!Hope to see you out there!!!

Maryland Turkey Season, One More Day!

Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s finally here, one more day until Maryland Turkey Season is finally open. After scoring a new property in southern Maryland this past deer season and found it was full of birds my anticipation has never been higher. I have been scouting, and scouting in preparation for opening day this April 18th in hopes of a big gobbler coming to my call. For the past several months I have been running cameras trying to catch the birds and learn their patterns, and by gosh I think I’ve got them. Check out these pictures below, some really cool pics I got of my birds moving through the area.

120414AA Frame1267 1024x588 Maryland Turkey Season, One More Day!I love pictures like this where you capture all aspects of wildlife. I wonder what these deer are really thinking?

120414AA Frame1269 1024x588 Maryland Turkey Season, One More Day!How dare this turkey’s interrupt these deer during feeding time. I didn’t notice any hens in the picture so hopefully these guys will be easy to call in.

120414AA Frame1270 1024x588 Maryland Turkey Season, One More Day!As fast as they show up, they leave just as fast feeding off into the forest, or maybe they heard a hen they are rushing to. I have had these gobblers in the same spot morning, midday, and evening for the past week. I am certain they are roasting quite close, and this ridge is part of their daily routine. With a little bit of effort and some luck I’m hoping to get a shot at one of these great birds. On behalf of Maryland Huntography I’d like to wish all you MD turkey hunters the very best of luck, and please be sure to share you turkey hunting stories here on Maryland Huntography.

Maryland Turkey Season Opens in One Week!!!

Rob Fs 5 1 06 PA bird Maryland Turkey Season Opens in One Week!!!I love good memories, and the one that goes with the picture above was a great one. A few years back I was able to call in and successfully harvest this mature gobbler on opening day in Pa. With that being said, Maryland turkey season opens up one week from today. Are you ready, I know I am. Nothing gets my heart pounding like a turkey gobbling in the morning, and then to have to chance to finally try to call him in is an experience to remember. I have been out several times this spring already, listening, looking for scratches, and sign so that I may relive this great day that I had in Pa. If you are like me you are biting at the bit for the season to get here already. Well, you have one week left so get out there and get you’re last bit of scouting done cause it will be here before you know. Best of luck to all you Maryland turkey hunters, and to everyone else that pursues our feathered friend.

Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

Post written by Shane Muller, Field Editor

DSC 0776 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in MarylandEaster Break was here and gone as fast as the snap of a finger for me, but I did get to enjoy my last day on the river with my dad. He has been out a lot in the past couple of weeks with friends and they have caught a good amount of small stripers, nothing super huge.

DSC 0769 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

DSC 0770 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

Well we knew today was going to be super windy and cold, but we decided to give it a shot because there were reports of guys hammering them yesterday morning on the Flats. So we got up and went out at sunrise, and we fished till 12. The water was super rough and choppy which caused all the mud to be stirred up and fishing dirty water is no good! But we stuck it out, no stripers at all today but I did manage to find a nice largemouth bass! If you guys are looking to fish the flats, my dad has been drifting through 10 ft of water using bass assassins and jigging them, also he has been using rattle traps.  This has been successful for smaller ones. Today I caught my bass on a rattle trap drifting through 7 ft of water. The fish are here and there are more on the way!

DSC 0744 532x800 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

This is the time to be out! It was a well needed day.

The Importance of Protein Supplementation in Maryland Deer Hunting

So a few weeks I put out a couple protein feeders to help supplement my deer herds, and it brings me great pleasure to let you know how successful they have been. Normally this time of year is very difficult for the deer and other wildlife, but with the unseasonable warm temps they seem to be just fine. I normally put out minerals after deer season has ended, and last year I added protein to the mix. Protein is not only important to bucks for weight gain and antler growth, but it’s also very important for the does as it helps with lactation for the upcoming fawns. Below is a few pictures I have gotten since I put the protein feeder out, and they are tearing it up. Check it out.

CDY 0100 1024x768 The Importance of Protein Supplementation in Maryland Deer HuntingCDY 0106 1024x768 The Importance of Protein Supplementation in Maryland Deer Hunting

So as you can see my deer have certainly taken quite an interest in the protein feeders and minerals I put out. This particular spot I have had better than average activity, as some of my other spots it has taken the deer some time to warm up to the feeders. But believe me not, once they get used to it, it’ll be hard to keep them away. I can tell you I’m so excited to see the results come this fall. If you haven’t tried mineral and protein supplementation I highly recommend you do.

2 Weeks Till Maryland Turkey Season

PICT0004 1024x574 2 Weeks Till Maryland Turkey SeasonWell it’s just about here, only two more weeks to go till we can hit the wood and pursue our feathered friends, the wild turkey. The past couple months have been brutal as always, as deer season is over and there is nothing to do but wait for spring turkey to open. This year may prove to be a challenge as we have had a considerable mild winter, and spring is well on it’s way, likewise the turkey’s are moving along just as fast. I’ve been scouting, and up to a month ago, the birds have been gobbling, and strutting, and I’m sure a little breeding may have occurred by now. As you can see in the picture this bird seems to be fired up and there is no hen to be found. Either way, easy or hard I love to chase them turkey’s around the woods. There is nothing like gobbling to wake up the woods in the morning. I hope you have you’re birds scouted, and are as ready to hit the woods as I am. If not, you better get on the ball these last two weeks are sure to fly by. Good luck to all this spring.