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Maryland Bow Operner in One Week

If you are like me you have been waiting for this day since February 1, 2012, and yes it’s only one week away, I can hardly wait. All the planning, all the prep work, all the food plots, filling feeders and scouting to get to this one day. I ask you, are you ready? I love opening day of bow season, cause I get the chance to go after all those bucks I’ve been watching all summer long, as they don’t have a clue yet to as what’s going on or is about to happen. Opening day is also my chance to get away, get up in that stand, and let all my worries fade away. This has been a particular busy summer for me, and I didn’t have the  chance to do as much in the field as I usually do, but I did make some progress on some things and not others. I am still in the process of working on a food plot that I plan to hunt over during late fall and winter, and I’d still like to get some more cameras out at key locations to pin point some bucks I’ve been watching. My main point for writing this was to just simply inform you ONE MORE WEEK!!! Don’t delay, get your stuff ready, get organized, wash your clothes, shoot your bow, and simply fine tune everything ahead of time so your not rushing the day before to get it all done, that does nothing but cause problems. From my scouting this summer I have pin pointed one buck that I added to my hit list, and yes I’ll be after him opening day evening. I’m pleased to share with you, Curly.

2012 08 23 21.16.38 Maryland Bow Operner in One Week

I have been watching him since he had numbs on his head and he caught my attention, and now he’s grown into a pretty impressive deer that I would be super excited to harvest. I surely hope that all of you that will be hitting the woods next Friday have a dandy buck you are after, or if it’s just that peace you are looking for then more power to you. Happy hunting to you all, and please share your stories this fall.

All is Good in Maryland as Hunting Season Approaches

CDY 0075 All is Good in Maryland as Hunting Season Approaches

All is good here in Maryland as hunting season approaches, as I keep preparing for the upcoming season. The summer has flown by here as I’ve spent lots of quality time in the woods prepping for the up coming hunting season. I’ve been scouting the whitetails, filling feeders, putting minerals out, and planting food plots all summer long. I can tell you that success doesn’t come easy, but if you do all the work, it will come. I’ve have worked my tail off for years managing my properties, and I have consistently shot nice deer year after year, and I’m not bragging here, just passing on good information. If there is one point I really want to pass on is to manage the deer for your particular needs, and do what makes you happy. I just want to wish you all the very best of luck this season, and please share your stories with us. Remember, Maryland bow season opens this year on September 7th, oh yeah time to bring it early.

Last Day Cliche in South Carolina

wpid 2012 08 17 06.52.46 Last Day Cliche in South Carolina

I sit here this morning coming down off mu high from last evenings hunt. Even though I didnt harvest an animal it was truely a spectacular evening to be there with all the wildlife. As Ive grown older I’ve learned to appreciate hunting for what it is really is, and stopped focusing on the kill. No dont get me wrong, if you know me then you know I kill stuff, and I mean plenty. Now I just feel so blessed to have the opportunity be our here enjoying our great outdoors and if I kill something well then thats a bonus to the experience. On a side note please wish me luck on my last evening hunt tonight. Peace.

Second Evening here in South Carolina

wpid 2012 08 16 17.35.09 Second Evening here in South Carolina

Well here we go, evening number two in South Carolina and it has started off a little crazy. While heading to our stands and getting into them we had a major thunderstorm hit but that didnt seem to bother the deer as we saw quite a few on the way in. After getting into my stand and after the ran had stopped I had 3 little bucks come through. Not long after that I had a pretty decent 8pt come out and make his way in front of me, just not quite big enough to shoot. In this first hour i’ve already had four times the action of the past two days and the best is yet to come, I hope. Lets see if this evening brings out the big boy cause I’m locked, loaded, and ready to go. Peace.

Opening Evening of South Carolina’s Deer Season

wpid 2012 08 15 18.17.58 Opening Evening of South Carolinas Deer Season

Time to let the big velvet bucks hit the ground.

A Maryland Huntographer Takes A Little R&R

wpid 2012 08 12 19.12.03 A Maryland Huntographer Takes A Little R&R

So today is my beautiful wife’s birthday and Im taking this time to reflect on this time I get to spend with her before hunting season. We all know the hunters guilt and I feel it every year that is why it makes me happy that I can take her away on her birthday before the kick off of the season. I am also tsking this time to rest my mind and soul as I leave for my first hunting trip of the year in two days to go down to South Carolina. As we all know the mental game is just as important as anything else when hunting. To be the dominant predator you need to be fully prepared physically, and mentally. See you in the woods this fall.

New Maryland State Record Buck

Just wanted to share this buck with you because if he’s harvested he will definitely be the new Maryland State record whitetail. I receieved these photos from one of my best friends, and he say it all checks out. The fella he knows has been killing giant bucks for years and know has this guy in his sites. The guy with the buck has gotten 3 different pictures of this buck from June through July. He is now zeroing in on this guy to hopefully harvest him on opening day of bow season or not long after. Get ready cause here he is

wpid Resampled952012 08 079519 04 3395267 New Maryland State Record Buck

wpid Resampled952012 08 079518 54 0395594 New Maryland State Record Buck

wpid Resampled952012 08 069513 49 3995317 New Maryland State Record Buck

So the photos aren’t great but my source took pictures off of his computer and send them like it really matters anyway, right? You can see what you need too that’s for sure. Kewp your eye out this season cause if this buck goes down, I’ll be reporting on it for sure. Thanks for reading and please share any good stories you have.

Maryland Bow Season Only 30 Days Away!!!

Well what can I say, but only 30 more days to the day most of us wait all year for, yes, opening day of bow season. As much other stuff as I do throughout the year, nothing matters more to me than climbing into my tree on opening morning. There is just something so special about the feeling I have as I walk into the woods for the first time in months, and I finally have my bow in hand. It’s a hard feeling to describe, almost like a peaceful high the freedom of being in the woods gives you. I’m like good ole Uncle Ted, I love that high you get from living life, and following your dreams. I have been been preparing for this day ever since last season ended, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now, there is even an added bonus, cause this 30 day notice means we start on September 7th instead of the usually September 15th we’re used to. I don’t know about you, but I love the early season, even if it’s hot, cause all that hard work  and scouting can pay real quick if you know what your bucks are doing. For the past two years I have been lucky enough to harvest very nice bucks with the first couple weeks of the season, and even one on opening day. See, most bucks are still on their summer patterns without a care in the world just trying to forage on as much food as possible before the fall kicks in. If you’re careful with your scouting, and pay close attention to what those boys are doing, you should be able to put yourself on one for the opener. Bare in mind, you want to make sure the wind is right, and the conditions are perfect, cause you usually only get one chance, and if you spook him, he’ll be gone. I scout close with trail cameras, and from a distance the last couple weeks with my binoculars so I know exactly where they are. I always spray down before checking cameras as I do not want to alert the bucks to my presence, which could bump them from there pattern. As I begin hunting, I usually hunt the fringes and edges of woods, then slowly make my way into the woods as needed as the season progresses. I have found these tactics to be very effective for me as I have been able to harvest several great bucks the past couple years. Here are a few below.

2011 10 01 12.43.062 Maryland Bow Season Only 30 Days Away!!!

2010 9pt Maryland Bow Season Only 30 Days Away!!!

The buck above I harvested on opening day in 2010, and the buck above I was so lucky to share with so many on twitter I harvested on September 22nd this past season. As I stated above, I watched both these bucks on trail cameras, and scouted from a distance, and when the conditions were right I went in for the kill. So if you don’t mind the heat, or doing a little homework, you can certainly kill a nice buck early. Just remember they live in the heat so they’ll be there, where will you be when the time has come. I’ll give you one guess where I will be, and it certainly won’t be on the couch. Just as a reminder for you Maryland hunters, Bow Season opens on September 7, 2012 this year, you can check out the new regulations here, MD DNR. Thanks for reading, and please share your stories. Are you a Huntographer?

Scouting For Deertour Season 3

As I do every year I was out this spring scouting for deer, trying to find the best spots, you know the ones you overlooked last season. I tend to move my cameras around a lot as my first priority find the bucks of course. I’ve had the extra strong urge this spring and summer to be the best I can be as Deertour Season 3, and my good buddy Rudy will be.coming to visit again. With that being said I’ve been working extra hard making sure I have more, better spots to choose from when he’s here. That brings me to this picture I’m about to share. I came across these early June and have kept a camera on them ever since.

wpid 2012 06 21 20.17.42 Scouting For Deertour Season 3

I’d like to introduce you to Crook on the left, and Curley. Now they looked like they had some good potential, and they seemed to be using the spot quite frequently so I kept a good eye on them. They grew slowly but surely, and now after a little more than a month I’d like to say Curely has made my hitlist. Depending on Curley’s luck lets hope we can make him famous on this years Deertour. Here is the most recent pictures I have of him.

wpid 2012 08 04 07.55.17 Scouting For Deertour Season 3

wpid 2012 07 28 09.57.13 Scouting For Deertour Season 3

The first picture is the most, and the one that helped me decide to put him on the hitlist. As with all hitlist bucks I start my preparation early so I dont take a.chance spooking the buck during the season. I put this stand up in preparation for hunting him.

wpid 2012 08 04 07.44.23 Scouting For Deertour Season 3

The second picture I have of Curley came after this stand went up so thats a good sign that I didnt bump him out of the area. Everything is set, spots are prepped, and cameras are rolling, nothing to do now but wait. The season is coming up quick, and just in case you havent heard MD bowseason starts on September 7th this year. I’ll be out there, will you? If you have any good pre-season stories or pictures please dont hesitate to share them.