Bow season in Maryland is now 7 days old and I have already harvested 7 deer. Wow, as I think to myself how I have gotten here. Lots of hard work and scouting this summer is what I can tell you. By doing my scouting and homework I praticually knew what all the deer where doing at all my spots. I started off by shooting a buck I had watched all summer long named Curly, and also a doe. Opening evening put two on the board, and then on the following Tuesday I knocked another doe down.

Feeling pretty good and now sitting at 3 deer in 3 hunts I had to take a day to catch up with work and stuff. I got all my gear together and.cleaned up some arrows as I got prepared for my next hunt Thursday morning. I felt pretty good as I climbed up in stand Thursday morning, the air was cool, the wind good, and I was ready to shoot more deer. Not long after opening light I had 3 doe come feeding through and I was able to take the largest of the bunch. Then about a half hour later I had another two come by and I smoked the largest one again. Oh yeah my first double of the year had just gone down.

wpid 2012 09 13 09.55.04 MY BEST MD BOW SEASON START EVER!

Now that my morning hunt was done I was on the run as I had lots to do before I had to meet my good buddy Will Jenkins for an evening hunt. I was so busy with work that day that it flew by and before I knew it I was meeting Will. He quickly got all his stuff together and transfered it to my truck and we were off. I took Will to his stand and made sure he was good to go, and then I got myself ready for the hunt. I was hunting a spot for the first time this year that was a pretty good one from last year. I had just put the camera up on Tuesday so I had no idea what to expect. Not long after I was in stand I had an emergency work call that I had to handle whick kept me on the phone for almost half an hour. I thought my night was over until I heard all the noise coming from the brush, and all of a sudden I could see legs moving. Oh yeah it was on, and I watched as about a.dozen deer moved from the brush into the woods. These deer didnt come right in, I had to watch as the lead big doe circled down wind and the rest followed. She came all the way in and ended up right below my stand. As she stood there I got more nervous, especially as I watched all the other deer filter into the area but I had my sights set on her. I kept my eyes on her as I knew she’d be the one to mess it up if any did. I not sure how many deer ended up in front of me but I kept my eyes on her. She finally calmed down a little and got into a position for a shot. When I released my arrow the woods exploded with deer as they took off everywhere. It was unreal how it went down and just so hard to put into words. All I can say is the last thing I heard was my doe crashing around. I threw my fists in the air in celebration as I was so pumped I had pulled that off. As my heart beat finally slowed I went ahead and sat down to try and calm myself from all the excitement. I sat there thinking and hoping that Will was having the same success as me. While I pondering with my thoughts I was sure I heard a doe bleat. I looked up and started scanning the woods and damned if I wasn’t right, he.came a lone doe looking for her crew. She continued to walk directly at me bleating all the way. I got up, grabbed my bow and got myself ready. The doe came in and when I got the shot I took it. She ran about 15 yards and just stood there wondering what had happened. As she tried to figure it out so no sooner fell to the ground. YES I had done it, another double.

wpid 2012 09 13 19.12.23 MY BEST MD BOW SEASON START EVER!

Wow what a day, I had never done that before, I just had one of the best days bowhunting that I had ever had. Come to find out a little later, Will had harvested a good deer as well. The day couldn’t of gotten any better. What a great start to the season for both of us. I was really excited to help Will get a deer since the past couple years had been hard on him. Just goes to show what hard work and scouting can do for you. I surely hope that everyone has the same success as I’ve had so far this year. Please share your outdoor stories with me as well. Happy hunting.

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