Back In Action

Post written by Field Editor Shane Muller

I am back in action everyone! I have had a busy summer with working and baseball, and now I am back to the school grind! But with hunting season right around the corner nothing can keep me away! My dad and hunting buddy have put in a lot of work on our piece of property and got some stands up in some good spots that I think will bring us really good success this season. They had also put minerals and feeders out to almost all of our stands and hung a camera in a hot travel area! We have been keeping up with checking the camera as much as we can but being as we are all very busy it gets tough. But we have gotten some great velvet pictures so far! We just recently got a picture of a buck we are calling “Nomad”, it looks to be either a big 10 or 9.

CDY 0022 Back In Action

But we have not seen him before, so he is at the top of our hit-list this season! But we also have pictures of some good young bucks that could be decent in the next few years as long as we do our quality deer management right.

CDY 0023 Back In Action

CDY 0115 Back In Action

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know what was up here in my part of Maryland! Hope everyone is well and I wish you luck this season!


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