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Happy Easter From Maryland Huntography

20130331 160739 Happy Easter From Maryland Huntography

I’m sitting here catching up on some rest and enjoying some family time as I wait for Easter dinner. Just wanted to take a quick second to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you all are having a great day with you family. Enjoy and be well.

Spring Is Definitely The Time For Planting

Spring is definitely the time for planting. It’s that time of year we all get itchy after hunting season is over before turkey season starts and the perfect time to start working on those food plots. I find myself out here today raking all the leaves off mine and getting ready to till it over. But before I do that I’m going to hit it with the right amount of lime to assure the pH is perfect before I plant. The one most important thing I’ve learned over the years is if you’re going to put all that effort into a plot make sure the pH is right before you plant. PH is so important in so many ways its almost a waste if you don’t do it right. Here’s a pic of what I got so far but I gotta keep moving. Happy spring!

20130323 145657 Spring Is Definitely The Time For Planting

Ammo Is Good

I didn’t used to worry about how much ammo I had laying aroud cause if I needed some I just went and got it. Well as you know that is not the case anymore and you have to go searching for it. I wanted to share with you what felt like a treasure hunt today as I scored on lots of ammo. I’ve been checking the chain stores like Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shops, and Internet sites with no luck so I decided to think about where many people are not.

20130322 180634 Ammo Is Good

After much thought I found myself at Brownstone Trading Company owned by Brad Vosburgh, located in Westminster, MD just minutes from my house. Brownstone is a small gun shop that has been around longer than I’ve lived in Westminster. Brad had been dealing in guns his whole life, is very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. I’m glad I got back to his shop as I especially like supporting the small local businesses over the big chains. Just like the big chains Brad has seen increases in his business since all the government BS has started. Being a small business he still hasn’t seen the mad rush like others have, and that brings me to the point of this post. Don’t overlook the small guys cause they might have exactly what you are looking for. I went in there today not expecting much but to my surprise Brownstone had a very good supply of ammo. Like I said after months of searching it was like finding buried treasure, well except you gotta pay for it, haha. Nevertheless it was nice to be able to pickup what I needed and a little more. If you are close I’d advise you to check him out if you are still looking to replenish your ammo supply. Check out my score today.

20130322 182057 Ammo Is Good

Happy Shooting everyone!!!

Best Maryland Shotgun Buck Ever

Picture 0751 533x800 Copy3 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck EverPicture 0811 533x800 Copy1 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck EverPicture 0862 533x800 Copy1 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck EverI just wanted to take a minute and share with you the best buck I have ever taken with the shotgun in Maryland. As many of you know I am primarily a bow hunter at heart, but I finally got a property that allowed gun hunting, and also held nice mature bucks. So doing what I do, I scouted, the property, looked for pinch points, and caught this big boy on a late season feeding pattern after the rut. I shot him the second Saturday of gun season, early December if you don’t know. This buck was simply feeding, trying to replenish himself after a long drawn out viscous rut I would have to imagine from the battle scars all over this bucks neck and back. None they less, I believe this stud caught wind of the scent I had out, and he slowly made his way toward me. Finally I had my shot so I steadied my cross hairs on his vitals, and slowly pulled the trigger. As I came down off the recoil, I could see him running off into the marsh. I through a couple fists pumps in the air, as I knew I hit him pretty good, so I hurried to the spot of impact. Right away I found good blood that lead me right to him, a mere 50 yards into the marsh. I had hit him perfectly, as frothy blood was still pumping out the wound. Right place, right time, and be sure to shoot um when you see um. I have a lot of people tell me how lucky I am, but I would like to think you make your own luck by putting yourself in a good spot. Of course I’ll take a little bit of luck any day.

Shot gun buck 2012 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck Ever

Check out the battle scars on this boy’s back, he was one rutted out buck. Nice giant rack, and this tiny little body that you could tell was all beaten up, I’m sure he won many of those battles, that’s why he was still around the hood which got him in trouble. That hunt was definitely one of those ones that get’s tattooed in your mind. Please note the scent I’m holding in my hand, it’s Blind Date by Apparition Scents, an estrous scent that I do swear helped my harvest this buck. I am now on the Pro-Staff for Apparition Scents, and I can vouch for their scents 100%, I had tremendous success this year using them. If you get a minute check um out at or just shoot me a DM on Twitter. Thanks for reading, and happy hunting.




Apparition Scents at Maryland Bowhunters Society

Check out our booth from the Maryland Bowhunters Society banquet yesterday. Now that I’m Pro-Staff for Apparition Scents I want to do my best to get the word on their great products. I used their scents this past season and if you kept up with me you know I shot some deer and I do owe quite a few of them to the scents. So please check us out or get a hold of me for more info if your interested. My best and happy hunting.

20130317 192709 Apparition Scents at Maryland Bowhunters Society

Multi-State Concealed Carry Course

Well today I find myself in a course for a concealed carry permit which will allow me to obtain the Nevada permit which is good for 35 states, unfortunately Maryland, my own is not one of them. I find myself in this course with all ages and races all here to claim their freedoms before the poor excuse of leaders we have try to take them away. I urge you to stand up for your 2nd Amendment rights and never strong fighting for the rights out fore fathers have given us on the Constitution. I myself am very excited to complete this course and obtain my permit to LEGALLY CARRY A GUN.

Maryland Bowhunters Society

Hey gang on my way to the MBS banquet today at Michael’s eighth Avenue In Glen Burnie, MD. The event starts at 1 o’clock and I surely hope to see you there. If you’re a bow hunter in Maryland you don’t want to miss it. Come out and show your support. I’ll be at the Apparition Scents booth with my guys there now part of their Pro-Staff team. I’m so happy to represent such a good product and company. I hope to see you soon.