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Maryland Bow Opener 2013-2014

Spotted by our good friend Mike Poddo or @Prez_Tuck on Twitter.

See below looks like Md bow season will open this year one day earlier than last year. We open on Friday September 6, 2013. For all you hard core early bow season hunters like me this gives us one extra day to pursue a giant velvet buck. Get ready cause it coming quick.

20130622 102443 Maryland Bow Opener 2013 2014


Happy Fathers Day

20130616 121959 Happy Fathers Day
I got to enjoy a little bit of chill time with the family this morning as I sipped coffee while they played cards. Always cherish the little things as it is those that build ever lasting memories of a great life.

Happy Fathers Day to all those great fathers out there from Maryland Huntography.


NAP Spitfires, You Can’t Go Wrong

Ok, so here we go with my own little personal review of the broadheads I depend on 5 months out of the year. From their inception I have been shooting NAP Spitfires and they have never let me down. As far as I’m concerned, they were one of the first mechanicals, and in my opinion one of the best. I know that’s a bold statement considering how many broadheads are on the market, but from what I’ve experienced using these it’s easy for me to say that. Spitfires are tough as nails, fly straight as a field point, and are totally reusable. I have Spitfires that are over four years old, that I take apart, clean, and resharpen the blades, and they are still getting the job done after all these years. Now a lot of people talk about penetration problems with mechanicals, but I’ve never had that problem with Spitfires, and talk about massive wounds, I haven’t seen better. The one thing I would point out is too make sure your bow shoots enough fps to handle these. I’ve shot 70lbs as long as I can remember, and that is just what the doctor ordered for a Spitfire to put the smack down. Now I can’t say these are definitely for you, but if you aren’t happy with what got, or are just looking to try something new, give Spitfires a try, I can promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve learned over the years it’s all about being confident with the equipment you use and depend on, and when you’re confident, your shooting improves and you become more successful in the field. So why not give Spitfires a try, and all those marginal shots will not be so marginal anymore.

Now just for giggles, I had an old DVD player laying around that didn’t work anymore, so I wanted to show you just how tough these broadheads are. Check out this video as I shoot a Spitfire right into a metal DVD, and the Spitfire pierces the other side fully intake, blades and all.

I couldn’t get the Spitfire out of the DVD player, so I took it in the house and disassembled it to get my Spitfire back, and as you can see from the picture below, that thing still looks great. I don’t think you can ask for much more than that if you are looking for a tough as nails, durable, and dependable broadhead, look no further, try a Spitfire.

photo8 NAP Spitfires, You Cant Go Wrong


Family, Friends, and Guns Never Hurt Anyone

20130609 194905 Family, Friends, and Guns Never Hurt Anyone
I had a great day hanging out at a good friends sons graduation party. I had the chance to hang out and mentor some kids while shooting some 22s and sharing hunting stories. I don’t know about you but guns have always brought me good memories not bad ones. At some point all these ignorant people trying to take away our freedoms need to start looking at the users and not the guns. Never stop fighting for your rights especially if they are responsible for making memories that will last forever.


Sheds Are Fun For All Ages

Picture sent in by Tim Babikow

20130608 152900 Sheds Are Fun For All Ages

Pre-season Work Begins

20130604 085842 Pre season Work Begins
With time being so limited this spring I took advantage of the early morning light to knock out one of my spots. I began by taking down one stand, and then I removed an existing stand from the setup, added another section of sticks, and put up a better stand in its place as you can see from the picture. This tree has been a tremendous spot for me and friends alike. Now is definitely time to get work like this done. Most importantly be safe and wear your harness when up that tree.


Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted

20130602 153446 Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted
Well I may be thoroughly exhausted but it was a great day as I finally got my food lot planted. I am so pumped about this plot as I put it in under one of my favorite stands “The Lost Dog”. If you look in the picture, the big tree in the back of the plot is where I shot six deer just in January this past season so with the addition of the plot I can only imagine what’s coming. I put my all into this plot as I tilled it twice, rolled it, put my seed down, and then rolled the plot again and when I was finished I sprayed it with Antler Kings Plot Max. I also used Antler King’s Red Zone.

20130602 154203 Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted
I have done a lot of research on seed and read a lot of reviews and this stuff seems to be the ticket. I’ve got my Cuddeback Ambush set up to keep an eye on things, and I’m just waiting to watch the velvet grow as my anticipation grows to be sitting in stand hoping to harvest a big mature in my plot. I’ll keep you posted as I’m hoping all my hard work will pay off this fall.


Food Plotting In Maryland

20130601 112852 Food Plotting In Maryland
Got a real good start on this plot this morning I’m a little behind so I want to do another round of tilling to take care of the weeds. I should be in good shape to plant tomorrow and with the upcoming storms tomorrow night and Monday grow baby grow.