A Buck Five Years In The Making

Last night one of my best friends, Dave Ziegler harvested a great 8pt buck in full velvet adding yet another trophy to his wall.

20130816 092834 A Buck Five Years In The Making
Dave and I started our journey five years ago after watching the same tv show and finding out South Carolina opened up a month earlier than our state at the time. We both then decided it was something we definitely wanted to do so the search was one. Dave quickly found an outfitter, Buck Run Hunting Lodge and luckily for us they had an opening. We booked it and we’re on our way. The place was amazing, the experience was even better but unfortunately neither of us were able to seal the deal on a velvet buck.

After such a great experience there was no doubt we were coming back. The second year was a little better for Dave as he shot a small buck, just not quite what he was hoping for but the early supply of meat is always welcomed. The third and fourth years were a little of the same, seeing bucks just none that he wanted to shoot, or they were out of range. So as I sat in my stand last night I was thinking, man I really hope Dave gets his buck this year. There was tons of shooting last night and it wasn’t till I got a text full of velvet that I know he had fulfilled his goal. I was proud of Dave and super excited he finally got his buck. The experience at Buck Run is like no other that’s why we’ll always be coming back, deer or no deer. Hunting is not all about the kill, it’s about the great experiences and memories you can create in the outdoors. Congratulations Dave, you finally did it bro, great buck.

20130816 094326 A Buck Five Years In The Making

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