2013-14 Maryland Huntography Deer #1

As much as I love hunting I love Hunting in South Carolina that much more. I’ve come down here now for the past five years and I don’t regret a second of that time. Going to South Carolina give you the earliest opportunity in the country to shoot deer, and I mean great bucks in full velvet. Last night I started the 2013-14 season off with a bang as I harvested an outstanding South Carolina velvet buck from the swamp while hunting with Buck Run Hunting Lodge.

I had gotten in my stand early yesterday as the deer have been moving early with all the rainfall the area has been plagued with this year. As soon as I got up in stand I immediately saw deer moving through the swamp. Not long after that I had some more move from the pines into the swamp. Then I had more come from the swamp to the agricultural fields. I had quite a flurry of action right quick and then things kinda got quite. As I sat there grassing around I couldn’t believe I was sitting over such a beautiful pristine spot, and I kept thinking to myself, I can’t wait to see what’s coming out of this swamp. It wasn’t long after that I happened to look up and a deer was running my direction, it was a buck so I grabbed my binoculars and confined he was a shooter. He was moving quick so I got on my gun and hurried to find him in the scope. I felt like I was chasing him with the crosshairs so I finally got in front of him and when he stopped I steadied them upon him and fired. The buck turned and ran back away from me to the opposite corner he came, and as I watched him disappear into the swamp I suddenly became uneasy about whether I hit him or not. From ranging trees I knew he was between 200-250 yards and I felt good about the shot but I was just unsure. I stood up and looked with the binoculars for a while but still couldn’t see him. He was too big to chance so I was off into the swamp to the tree I marked at the last place I saw him. As I meandered through the swamp all kinds of thoughts were going through my mind. I finally got to that tree and about 20 yards in front of it this is what I found.

20130817 113026 2013 14 Maryland Huntography Deer #1
I was over joyed and now it made perfect sense why I lost sight of him. I had hit him perfectly and he was magnificent. I called Pete right away and we celebrated over the phone. He also told me to try and get him to the dry ground before dark so we wouldn’t have any problems. No problem there, as you know I’m used to dragging deer. I through my strap on and was ready to go.

20130817 113337 2013 14 Maryland Huntography Deer #1
I had quite the challenge ahead of me as I had to drag him out of knee deep water and then across 300 yards of a swampy cut over. It took me a little while but I got him to dry land, went and gathered my things and then took some time to compose myself. As I waited to be picked up I took time to thank God for the wonder opportunity he had presented to me and just thought about how lucky I was to have just had this experience. After being picked up the rest of the night was pictures and celebrating my tremendous harvest. Here he is below.

20130817 114001 2013 14 Maryland Huntography Deer #1

20130817 114027 2013 14 Maryland Huntography Deer #1

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