My Wife’s First Bow Kill Of The Year

Whoever said family, friends, and the outdoors was a genius. This weekend I got to take my lovely wife Holly hunting for the first time this year. As much as I love it myself, having her by my side 20′ up made it that much better. The best part about it was glancing down at her when there were no deer around, and answering her silly questions always makes me laugh, and love her that much more. I didn’t have to look at her long as our evening started quickly when a little 4pt came cruising through and not long after he passed he busted a few doe from the bedding area. I instantly told her to grab her bow as he was pushing the doe our way. They played around in bow range for a little while as they fed and he pushed them of course making it difficult to get a clean shot. Finally the moment of truth was upon us and I whispered to Holly some guidance as she was about to get her shot. I watched as the doe went broadside and i glanced at the other deer and whispered “draw”. Holly held her bow back with a little shake in her arm as I knew she was nervous to take her first shot of the season. She finally shot and I watched the arrow pass through the deer, I immediately knew it was a good shot and the deer was gone. The doe ran about 30 yards, stood there a few seconds and then plunged into the thicket. I thought I heard her go down but I wasn’t positive. Holly was all jacked up and shaking worse than before, oh man I love that feeling, and being there with her at that moment made me love her even more. We hung in the stand till dark as we watched more deer come and go. Quite an exciting hunt for her first time out. When we got down I went to the arrow for a quick examination, unfortunately I wasn’t completely satisfied with what I saw so I made the decision to back out and come back in the morning since it was going to be cold that night. I checked the camera on the way out and check out who was there the night before.

20131104 191728 My Wifes First Bow Kill Of The Year
Why oh why are the big bucks always there when you’re not. Oh well, we definitely have a great reason to keep coming back now. The next morning I bypassed the blood trail and just went to the last spot I heard her. Man I’m good I walked right up on her doe, pretty much where I last saw her go into the thicket. Holly was almost in tears as she was over joyed to find the doe. She has never had to wait over night to find a deer, she is actually a pretty darn good shot and I usually have an easy time finding them. As I said before nothing beats the outdoors especially with your loved ones. Congrats on your doe baby, I love you.

20131104 192331 My Wifes First Bow Kill Of The Year

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