Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps # 13 & 14

What I thought was going to be a disaster this past eve turned into pure adrenaline pumping action. I was all set up in my tree on probably one of the most perfect nights I’ve sat this year. Everything was perfect till I heard a voice holler and the next thing I saw was a dog running up the driveway and into the thicket. Them he comes the dogs owner walking toward the woods yelling for her dog, you got to be kidding me right. She walked into the woods on my left side while the dog was in the thicket to my right. This wasn’t the first time this has happened and man ole man was my blood boiling but when the owners sister wants to walk there’s nothing you can do. The thing that really pisses me off is that she always walks an hour before dark, yes always at prime time and I just don’t get it. Anyway it took all I had to talk myself into staying up on stand and I’m glad I did. With about 15 minutes of shooting light left I had two deer coming my way and here comes the dog walker again and there went the deer. I saw the deer run and stop at the edge of the woods, and as they watched the dog walker go by on the driveway I knew I was going to get another shot. It wasn’t five minutes and here they came. As the doe made their way toward the field I readied myself for a shot. I was poised like a ninja waiting to strike and as they hit my opening I drew back and smashed the bigger of the two. I watched her run back to the woods and then I noticed her counterpart just stood watching as well. As luck was not on her side she ended up quartering away from me at about 30 yards so I grabbed an arrow and took care of her as well. Such a great and exciting bowhunt especially in the snow, and talk about rewarding after I thought I my was ruined.

20131215 090723 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps # 13 & 14

20131215 090757 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps # 13 & 14

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