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Gobble Gobble Boom!!!

For the first time in many years I missed opening day of turkey season. Fortunately for me I have no lack of friends that hunt and I got to live through two of my buddies that scored on opening day. With the excitement in the air I was up at 3am Saturday morning and on the road shortly after. Two hours later I arrive, got my gear together and made my way back into the woods. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before the first gobble woke up the woods. There was one, then another, and another, it was a spectacular show listening to the birds up and down the river. I tried to work the birds but they really didn’t respond well and eventually after they flew down they faded off in the wrong direction. Things were pretty slow for an hour and then I noticed a hen go by on the ridge but she didn’t respond either. I keep calling softly every ten minutes or so and about another hour the hen made another appearance and came by at 50 yards. A half hour later I heard a gobble behind me not terribly far so I called softly again a few times and put my calls away. It was dead silent until I heard some faint scratching or movement from behind, so I got my gun into position hoping for the best. As I sprained my neck looking over my right shoulder I saw him creeping in dead silent so I knew it was go time. I readied myself as the bird got within 10 yards but had a few small trees between me and him. He stopped right behind the trees and started purring at my decoy. I seriously don’t know how he didn’t see me shaking, I guess I was lucky that decoy had his attention. I remained focused and watched him closely and as he made his way past the trees I through my gun up the first instant I could. BOOM!!! And he was on the ground, motionless I might add, but I was shaking with excitement. My 3.5″ turkey load at 10 yards was a little much for him to take, but hey at least he didn’t feel a thing. My first turkey hunt of the year had been a success.

20140422 213831 Gobble Gobble Boom!!!
What a beautiful bird I had just outwitted, every one feels more triumphant than the last. It had warmed quickly so I loaded the bird in the truck so I could get him on ice.

20140422 214236 Gobble Gobble Boom!!!
I then proceeded to hurry home so I could share my hunt with my family. My wife loves to turkey hunt and was suppose to of been with me that morning so I was anxious to show her the bird. Sharing the success of my hunt with my family made the day perfect.

20140422 214633 Gobble Gobble Boom!!!

Happy Easter From The Bay

20140420 093829 Happy Easter From The Bay


Opening Day Turkey Success

So two of my boys got lucky this morning and put down two beautiful long beards. It was opening day and these guys didn’t skip a beat as both hit there marks. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get out as I had to keep some appointments, but lucky enough to live through these guys this morning. My boy Peyton Emerson and one of my best friends was the first one to put a bird down as he called a hen over to his decoy and ole Mr. Longbeard got shot in the face.

20140418 214055 Opening Day Turkey Success
Congrats Peyton on a great bird. Now while I was talking to Peyton on the phone we both heard a shotgun blast and it was our good buddy Rob that had just shot. Talk about good timing, geez I couldn’t believe the action I was missing. So I let Peyton go and about an hour later a picture popped on my phone with Robs bird.

20140418 215404 Opening Day Turkey Success
Congrats to another great friend Rob Ballantine for putting down a tremendous gobbler. The boys had certainly made the most out of opening day today. I do wanna take a little credit for helping set up the blind Peyton shot his bird from, lol.

20140418 215639 Opening Day Turkey Success
These guys got it done and so can you so get out there and claim your flopage this year. When you do be sure to share with us here at Maryland Huntography. Best of luck out there.