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20 Point Buck Taken in Maryland

Well here you go, this is the reason for Huntography, to hear about the accomplishments of everyday average hunters through social media, and because of Twitter, I have this story for you. Taylor Lord, @RednckPrncess on Twitter contacted me to tell me her boyfriend William (below) shot a 20 point buck, so of course I wanted to hear all about it so I could share with all of you. Check him out below, he must have still been in shock cause I would have had the biggest grin you ever did see. Congratulations William on one terrific buck
downsized9511291107111 20 Point Buck Taken in Maryland
                                                   William Breeding
                                                    Laurel Grove Rd Federalsburg MD
                                                    Age: 21
He woke up really early that morning to go sit in the tree stand. You can see American Corner Road, Federalsburg, MD from the stand but I’m pretty sure the location would be Laurel Grove Road, Federalsburg, MD. Each roads are the same distance apart from the stand. He saw the buck come out of the woods from a distance, I don’t think he knew exactly how many points the buck was but he knew it was pretty big. He started calling the buck in, and the buck came running towards him then stopped. He waited for the buck to turn so he could get a good shot. One shot, the buck started running then fell in the field. He called his brother and dad to tell them he had shot and would need help getting him out. Once they got up there he realized it was a 20 point buck. He tried calling me all morning but of course my phone hadn’t charged the night before and it was off. When I finally woke up and got ready for work I turned my phone on and he called me telling me he shot a 20 point buck and wanted me to come see it but I had to be at work shortly. It was a warm day that day so he had to hurry up and take it to Mr. Truitt in Hurlock, MD, taxidermy. He told William that the buck had been a 22 or 23 point buck but must have gotten into a fight with another buck and lost 2 or 3 points from where the break in the antlers were.
downsized951129110711a1 20 Point Buck Taken in Maryland
This story was provided by Tailor Lord, thanks so much for sharing this story with one amazing buck. Please if you’re a Maryland hunter, fisherman, or outdoorsman send us your story, we’d love to hear about it.