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Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #12

It’s been almost a month since I’ve threaded a deer with an arrow so I couldn’t resist when this big doe came by last night. The deer were a little nervous last night as they usually are in the snow but with the help of my Apparition Scents Nosy Whitetail her curiosity killed her. Nothing like putting one down in the snow after sitting in the cold all night. I do love late season bow hunting, plus this deer went to a family that needed meat. God bless our hunting family.

20131212 075215 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #12

Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #8: Finally A Big Rut Buck Down!

This past Saturday morning I ventured into the woods with high hopes of seeing some good rutting action and the possibility of harvesting a big buck. I got up early, showered, got to the property in plenty of time, did everything right but sometimes it just doesn’t matter. As I started walking into the woods I could see eyes so I stopped and they just remained still, one set low one set high. I grabbed my bigger light and to my surprise there was a big buck bedded down next to a doe that was up feeding. First time for everything so I wasn’t sure what to do I decided I’ll grunt and just walk slowly at them. I did this and at 30 yards the buck finally stood up and they both casually trotted off. I then quickly got up in my stand and not minutes after getting set up here he comes chasing her back my way. This chasing went on for an hour or so and around first light they came within ten yards but it still wasn’t shooting light. Then they were gone and how disappointing was that. About ten minutes later he she comes out of the thicket and he was right on her. They came by at forty yards but again no shot and they once again vanished into the thicket. Just as my hopes were crushed I hear crashing coming my way only to see a little 4pt chasing a doe. Now this was intense as he chased this doe hard core for over an hour. Back and forth they went, it was crazy, and they were both exhausted. This bout of excitement soon ended and I was left with the peaceful quietness of the woods. I hung out another two hours and by 10 I was more than ready to go. I stood up to start packing my gear together and I heard the sound of crunching leaves. Immediately I thought damn that 4pt is back but my heart dropped when I turned around to see it was the big boy. He had come out of one thicket and was trying to get back to the other. He circled downwind about 50 yards below but then caught the scent of my Apparition Scents Blind Date estrous lure and that pulled him into 30 yards. He got directly downwind of me and when his head went behind the tree I drew and took aim. After clearing the tree he stood there with his nose up and I plowed an arrow right behind his shoulder. WHAT A RUSH! He took off for the thicket in which he came and I found him laying in there no more than a 100 yards from where I shot him. You have got to love the rut.

20131114 165509 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #8: Finally A Big Rut Buck Down!

20131114 165649 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #8: Finally A Big Rut Buck Down!

Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4

It is early muzzleloader season in Maryland but right now I’m short time so I went to a quick bow spot this morning. I wish I could of been out with the ML but then again I love hunting with ole faithful my bow. I slipped out early to a local neighborhood spot I have that backs to big woods making it a little better than it should be. Being that I was around 100 yards from houses the bow is ideal for this. I got set up nice and early as this was the first hunt at this spot this season. About 10 minutes before shooting light I heard some movement and saw the outline of a deer below. Now only if she would hang around until legal shooting light. Just as I was able to shoot she had made her mind up to leave, but that slight hesitation gave me a chance to draw my bow and strike her down.

20131018 171902 Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4
It was early and that was quick and quiet so I decided to wait and see what happened. A had a few fawns feed through about 15 minutes later and as they were leaving I saw another big doe working up the ridge my way. Took her nearly 20 minutes to get there as she was old, smart, and cautious as all hell. Just as she was getting ready to cross into my shooting lane she got a whiff of the arrow from the first deer and freaked. You how they jump back, legs all spread, yeah that was her. Same thing, as she turned to leave I drew my bow back and sent my arrow crashing right behind the near shoulder. She was dead and didn’t even know it.

20131018 172410 Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4
Neither of the deer were any match for the spitfires I sent through them as they both only went 50 yards. I feel pretty good taking two mature doe with my bow during ML season. I know the Apparition Scents I had out helped keep the deer calm enough that they didn’t bust out of there right away before I could shoot. This hunts goes to show you that with a proper setup on a small property anything is possible.

20131018 172834 Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4

Best Maryland Shotgun Buck Ever

Picture 0751 533x800 Copy3 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck EverPicture 0811 533x800 Copy1 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck EverPicture 0862 533x800 Copy1 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck EverI just wanted to take a minute and share with you the best buck I have ever taken with the shotgun in Maryland. As many of you know I am primarily a bow hunter at heart, but I finally got a property that allowed gun hunting, and also held nice mature bucks. So doing what I do, I scouted, the property, looked for pinch points, and caught this big boy on a late season feeding pattern after the rut. I shot him the second Saturday of gun season, early December if you don’t know. This buck was simply feeding, trying to replenish himself after a long drawn out viscous rut I would have to imagine from the battle scars all over this bucks neck and back. None they less, I believe this stud caught wind of the scent I had out, and he slowly made his way toward me. Finally I had my shot so I steadied my cross hairs on his vitals, and slowly pulled the trigger. As I came down off the recoil, I could see him running off into the marsh. I through a couple fists pumps in the air, as I knew I hit him pretty good, so I hurried to the spot of impact. Right away I found good blood that lead me right to him, a mere 50 yards into the marsh. I had hit him perfectly, as frothy blood was still pumping out the wound. Right place, right time, and be sure to shoot um when you see um. I have a lot of people tell me how lucky I am, but I would like to think you make your own luck by putting yourself in a good spot. Of course I’ll take a little bit of luck any day.

Shot gun buck 2012 Best Maryland Shotgun Buck Ever

Check out the battle scars on this boy’s back, he was one rutted out buck. Nice giant rack, and this tiny little body that you could tell was all beaten up, I’m sure he won many of those battles, that’s why he was still around the hood which got him in trouble. That hunt was definitely one of those ones that get’s tattooed in your mind. Please note the scent I’m holding in my hand, it’s Blind Date by Apparition Scents, an estrous scent that I do swear helped my harvest this buck. I am now on the Pro-Staff for Apparition Scents, and I can vouch for their scents 100%, I had tremendous success this year using them. If you get a minute check um out at or just shoot me a DM on Twitter. Thanks for reading, and happy hunting.




Apparition Scents in Maryland and the Maryland Bowhunters Society

AS1 Apparition Scents in Maryland and the Maryland Bowhunters Society

This past Saturday I attended the Maryland Bowhunters Society as Managing Editor for Maryland Huntography and Field Staff for Apparition Scents. I was proud to be at the event representing both, and spreading the word about what I am trying to accomplish in Maryland. The MBS banquet is a great event for bowhunters and hunters alike in a state where hunter seem to be a dying breed. MBS is the perfect organization to support as they are constantly fighting for our rights as hunters. Apparition Scents recognized the great contributions MBS has made and that is why they became one of the sponsors of the MBS banquet. This years banquet was the largest ever in MBS history, and with the strong support of Maryland hunters the event was sold out. It was great to meet and great with everyone as well as see us as hunters united for one great cause. I will say there are some changes coming for MD hunters next yr, regarding deer harvest limits, and the price of our licenses. Check back for updates I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

As I mention above Apparition Scents is now a supporter of MBS, and as a Pennsylvania founded company they are looking to expand into Maryland. I am proud to be on their field staff and I will be speaking to local Pro Shops to see if I can intrigue they’re curiosity. All the products in Apparition’s line are 100% natural with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Now who does that, these guys that who. It was a real pleasure working the MBS banquet as I got to meet the owners of Apparition Scents, Jason and Rob. These are two great guys that had a dream, and now five years later they are living it They started the company from their basements, and simply by word of mouth and the quality of their product they are branching out all across the nation. Their products range from deer scents, cover scents, to an amazing scent killer. Here’s a brief round down of the line:

Dead Red: Territorial buck lure

Nosy Whitetail: Curiosity scent for all whitetails

Blind Date: Doe in Estrous lure

Nightmare: A Pre Orbital gland lure that drives bucks wild. Apparition Scents is only one of a few that have this product, and it worked so well it got recognized in Peterson’s Bowhunting magazine as one of the top new 300 products of 2012. You’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Autumn Oak: Acorn cover scent

Appalachian Woodlands: Forest cover scent

Pine Patch: Pine cover scent

Phantom Hunter: Powerful human-scent eliminating product.

Like I said, I will be trying to get Apparition Scents into all the local dealers in Maryland. Please check out the products and give them a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed. If you have any question feel free to contact us on the website at Apparition Scents.

Thanks for checking us out here at Maryland Huntography. Help us grow and send in your stories. We want to know what is going on in your Maryland Outdoors.

Maryland Huntography heads to Maryland Bowhunters Society Banquet

Apparition Scents Invades Maryland Bowhunters Society

wpid 2012 03 10 12.41.10 Apparition Scents Invades Maryland Bowhunters Society

Here’s our booth at the banquet. I’m very excited about the opportunity to be on Apparition Scents field time. Check us out

Apparition Scents will be at the Maryland Bowhunters Society Banquet

wpid Packaging 005 Apparition Scents will be at the Maryland Bowhunters Society Banquet

Apparition Scents will be at the MBS Banquet tomorrow at Michael’s 8th Avenue, 7220 Greyburn Drive, Glen Burnie, MD 21061. Apparition Scents is headquartered in PA and is expanding their operations this year after a good review in Petersons Bowhunting Magazine. Not to mention yours truely is part of their field team and I’m eager to help them grow. Please try and make if your are not attending me directly if you have any questions on their products. You can also visit the website at The banquet starts at 1pm, hope to see you there.