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Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted

20130602 153446 Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted
Well I may be thoroughly exhausted but it was a great day as I finally got my food lot planted. I am so pumped about this plot as I put it in under one of my favorite stands “The Lost Dog”. If you look in the picture, the big tree in the back of the plot is where I shot six deer just in January this past season so with the addition of the plot I can only imagine what’s coming. I put my all into this plot as I tilled it twice, rolled it, put my seed down, and then rolled the plot again and when I was finished I sprayed it with Antler Kings Plot Max. I also used Antler King’s Red Zone.

20130602 154203 Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted
I have done a lot of research on seed and read a lot of reviews and this stuff seems to be the ticket. I’ve got my Cuddeback Ambush set up to keep an eye on things, and I’m just waiting to watch the velvet grow as my anticipation grows to be sitting in stand hoping to harvest a big mature in my plot. I’ll keep you posted as I’m hoping all my hard work will pay off this fall.


There’s an Ambush in Maryland

So I finally got to use my Cabelas christmas gift certificates and one of the things I purchased was the new Cuddeback Ambush trail camera.

wpid 2012 03 24 10.52.58 Theres an Ambush in Maryland

The Ambush is their new model of the Attack but it is much smaller and as you can see fits nicely in my hand. As far as good cameras go this one is moderately priced at $200.00 which is comparable to simular makes and models. As far as Cuddebacks go the Ambush was simple to use, just install batteries, set date and time, and turn the knob. Yep it was that easy.

wpid 2012 03 24 12.37.24 Theres an Ambush in Maryland

Here it is on the tree nice and snug thanks to a nice little mounting bracket that came with the camera. I like all the new features of this new little Ambush and it now has a battery monitor, my only complaint with Cuddeback in the past. As with tradition if this Ambush takes as nice a picture or better than previous models it will be a great addition to my collection of trail cameras. Stay tuned for updates when I check the card for the first time.