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Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted

20130602 153446 Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted
Well I may be thoroughly exhausted but it was a great day as I finally got my food lot planted. I am so pumped about this plot as I put it in under one of my favorite stands “The Lost Dog”. If you look in the picture, the big tree in the back of the plot is where I shot six deer just in January this past season so with the addition of the plot I can only imagine what’s coming. I put my all into this plot as I tilled it twice, rolled it, put my seed down, and then rolled the plot again and when I was finished I sprayed it with Antler Kings Plot Max. I also used Antler King’s Red Zone.

20130602 154203 Lost Dog Stand Food Plot Finally Planted
I have done a lot of research on seed and read a lot of reviews and this stuff seems to be the ticket. I’ve got my Cuddeback Ambush set up to keep an eye on things, and I’m just waiting to watch the velvet grow as my anticipation grows to be sitting in stand hoping to harvest a big mature in my plot. I’ll keep you posted as I’m hoping all my hard work will pay off this fall.


Food Plotting In Maryland

20130601 112852 Food Plotting In Maryland
Got a real good start on this plot this morning I’m a little behind so I want to do another round of tilling to take care of the weeds. I should be in good shape to plant tomorrow and with the upcoming storms tomorrow night and Monday grow baby grow.


Food Plots Installed

Finally after weeks of liming, tilling, fertilizing and spraying roundup I got two of my plots in today. I finally feel I’ll get the results I’ve always hoped for as I made sure my pH was good, fertilizer is good, and I planted today with a chance of rain in the forecast the next five days. I dream of having food plots that grow 3-4′ high like you see on tv, but realistically I don’t think it’s possible on the small plots I do cause of the number of deer I have hitting them. None the less I’m still very excited to see what grows considering the prep work I’ve put into these plots. I also want to thank my loving wife as she helped me today after work as I’ve been suffering a back injury as of late. She should right, it’s not like she won’t take advantage and try and shoot one of my big bucks. Take a look at the plots I’ve got, both on the woods with a deer trail running between them.

20130517 183922 Food Plots Installed
This is the first plot, I planted clover in this one and my wifey helped me spray it with Antler Kings Plot Max. Check lil Holly Freyer out with her sprayer.

20130517 184214 Food Plots Installed
Here is the next plot, a little smaller and I planted Hunters Specialties Booming Beans.

20130517 184336 Food Plots Installed
All I can say is I hope all the hard work pays off, and these things grow like crazy. Say a little pray for me and send some rain my way. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the growth of the plot and the bucks I’m hoping will visit. Good luck with yours if you are planting.


Farming For Wildlife

This past weekend I finally got to fulfill one of my dreams. With the help of a friend and his bobcat I started my largest food plot ever. I used the bobcat to clear out all the brush and grass that covered the area. Then I came back with a 4-wheeler and disc, fertilizer, and plenty of lime. We put out all the fertilizer and lime and then began running back and forth on the plot to work it all in. I will be back this weekend to check my pH and add more lime as I’m sure it will need it. Here’s a couple pictures below of what I got down. I’m so pumped to get this thing growing as it couldn’t be in a better area.

20130402 174106 Farming For Wildlife

20130402 174131 Farming For Wildlife

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you have the opportunity to improve your habitat. Happy farming.

Spring Is Definitely The Time For Planting

Spring is definitely the time for planting. It’s that time of year we all get itchy after hunting season is over before turkey season starts and the perfect time to start working on those food plots. I find myself out here today raking all the leaves off mine and getting ready to till it over. But before I do that I’m going to hit it with the right amount of lime to assure the pH is perfect before I plant. The one most important thing I’ve learned over the years is if you’re going to put all that effort into a plot make sure the pH is right before you plant. PH is so important in so many ways its almost a waste if you don’t do it right. Here’s a pic of what I got so far but I gotta keep moving. Happy spring!

20130323 145657 Spring Is Definitely The Time For Planting

Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

So far this year spring has blown in like a summer breeze for most. Never the less now is the perfect time to begin putting in your food plots. Whether you going all out on a large food plot or just putting in a small hunt plot for your honey hole be sure to get it done. My food plot below has already come in strong and even looks better than it did last year.

wpid 2012 05 11 09.14.14 Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

The clover and chickory are growing rapidly with the oats and rye not far behind

wpid 2012 05 11 09.16.33 Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

Since spring did come so early for most of us I did put in a couple hunt plots about a month ago. Basically I bought a bag of no-till seed, grabbed my rake and hit the woods. The two hunt plots I pug in are circular with abouf a 20 yard diameter, and both have taken off greatly with the nice temps and plenty of rain.

wpid 2012 05 15 12.30.41 Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

Here is one of two I put at Thor’s spot. As some of you know I had two close encounters with him just couldn’t seal the deal. Well this year I’m hoping the hunt plots will pull him into bow range. Here he is if you don’t know him.

wpid 2011 12 01 12.36.41 Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

Talk about a nice buck, I ‘ll tell you what this guy was responsible for a lot of sleepness nights. That is why I went to the extra effort of putting in two plots, I need all the help I can get. Here’s hunt plot #2.

wpid 2012 05 15 12.30.55 Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

Hunt plots can be very benefical to the deer and especially you during hunting season. They are great for areas where you just can’t get any equipment there. Here’s an example of another one at a different property.

wpid 2012 05 11 09.06.44 Spring Time Is Food Plot Time

I used some different varities of Antler King seeds in this one and they are doing wonderfully. Once my plots reached a few inches I sprayed them with Antler King’s Jolt fertilizer and they have been doing great ever since. I can tell you this as well if didn’t take the deer long to figure out what the stuff was. If you’re lookin for a little something to give your property a big boost then a food plot of some sort might be right for you. Happy hunting everyone

New Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail

One of my best buds, and my first official Field Editor for Maryland Huntography, and creator of, Dave Ziegler was lucky enough to attend this past weekend’s Maryland QDMA’s annual banquet. He was also fortunate enough to meet and interview Dale Gertz, and now brings us the story of the new Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail. Thanks Dave, and well done.

Every now and again, a Whitetail Buck emerges to mystify all who lay eyes on him.  Well, Planet Whitetail brings you the new Maryland Monster Buck!  Planet Whitetail traveled to the Maryland Quality Deer Management banquette, where we met Dale Gertz, owner of Q.B.H Homes.  Dale is also the owner of something else special.  The New Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail!  The bucks official score, a stunning 208 7/8 Pope and Young inches.

dalegertz1 533x800 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

An amazing thing about this buck is that fact that he broke off his left side main beam in velvet.  If you look closely at the photo, you will clearly see the break.  Dale tells us that the buck would have likely scored over 230 inches if he had not broken off that part of his main beam! At the QDMA banquette on Saturday, there were vendors on hand, such as Chesapeake Taxidermy, Code Blue Scents and The Maryland Hunting Quarterly.  Even still, the Gertz Buck was the center of attention.  It’s not often, that the words Maryland and 200 Inch Whitetail are uttered in the same sentence.  Don’t get me wrong.  Each year, this small east cost state produces a hand full of Boone and Crockett Bucks. Every now and then, you might even here about a buck cracking the amazing 200 inch mark.

horses 0331 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

The Gertz Buck on the other hand is special.  This four year old buck has everything you could wish for in your buck of a lifetime!  The buck sports an amazing set of antlers.  Wide, with massive main beams measuring well over twenty inches.  Amazing ten inch brow tines and kicker points coming from all direction.  Perhaps most impressive, the buck sports three drop tines, including one off the deers right main beam that has to be close to a foot long!  The Gertz Buck is the real deal.  A real Monster Buck!

I was really excited to be able to spend about forty minutes talking with Dale about his New Maryland State Record Whitetail.  Dale was more than happy to tell his story!  We looked at trail camera photos of the buck in previous years and Dale told me about how he went to great lengths to secure property that borders his Anne Arundel county one hundred fifty acre farm.  With nearly three hundred fifty acers between owned and leased property, Dale began his QDM program.  Running trail cameras, planting food plots, designating sanctuary areas and completely changing the way he and  his friends were using his property, Dale was able to grow and hold the Monster Buck.  Like so many of us, Dale became obsessed with the buck and even named him Kickers because of the numerous kicker points the buck sports on it’s giant rack.

Gertzbuck New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

The full story of this amazing buck is almost too long for the pages of this blog. With that said, Planet Whitetail is excited to be working exclusively with Dale Gertz on a story to be published in the pages of  North American Whitetail Magazine.  Planet Whitetail will bring you all the details on this amazing buck. From trail camera photos to scouting and management tricks used by the author, down to the fate full day when this Maryland Monster met his match.  Keep your eyes on Planet Whitetail for updates and details on that story including when you will be able to pick it up for yourself later in the year. Here is one final picture of the unforgettable beast. 

Dale Gertz 800 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

Hunt Hard.

Springtime in Maryland is the perfect time for Planting

There are many good things about spring its almost impossible to pick one, so lets look at the most important. Tonight I went out to one of my local hunting spots to put in a small food plot or some call it a hunt plot. I would bet most of you are in the same boat as me and don’t have a lot of woods, or a nice field, or a farm, and farming equipment. Well then let me tell you what I did with my plots. As most of you know there are seeds that are non tillable meaning no equipment is necessary to put the plot in. Now I said equipment wasn’t necessary, I didn’t say it wouldn’t be useful. So I headed to the woods tonight with nothing but gloves, a rake in hand, and seed on my back. With limited space in the woods there are two types of plots you can put in. One would be a long narrow strip where you have room or you can just find a nice area with a good opening in the canopy. So I grabbed my rake and got to work, putting in one of each. After I got done uncovering the ground I then proceeded to scratch the surface to loosen the soil. For optimal results you may want to lime the area before you plant, and also follow the fertilizer requirements on the bag. Secondly make sure your plot gets water right away as this is crucial for establishment. Hint hint, I put my plot in tonight cause I got rain coming in tonight and tomorrow. Take a look at the two plots I put in this evening.

2012 03 12 19.11.43 800x600 Springtime in Maryland is the perfect time for PlantingThis is the strip plot. Its varies in width cause of terrain but is approximately 30 yards long.

2012 03 12 19.11.58 800x600 Springtime in Maryland is the perfect time for PlantingThis one is what I call my canopy plot or hunt plot. It is basically a circle approximately 30 yards in diameter under a large canopy opening.

Sometimes you just have to work with what you got, and that is exactly what I do. I put in hard work to manage my deer herd and I love reaping the rewards when fall comes. The way I figure it is every little thing helps and small hunt plots have been proven to attract big bucks.

In closing I just wanted share with you the two seeds I have had success with. I use Backwoods Blend and Whitetail No-Plow Clover both of which have grown well for me with little ground work. Try a small hunt plot, a little work goes along way. Happy planting.