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Macrotech, One of Marylands Finest Archery Shops.

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“Macrotech has been servicing the local Maryland Archery business for over 20 years. Owner
and operator, Len Marsh has built his reputation as being one of the handful of National experts
in the Archery business. Macrotech currently services clients and manufacturers around the
world. They are considered to be one of the leading experts and consults on technical archery
issues and products.

Located in Brooklyn Park, Maryland, Macrotech offers complete pro shop services for your
current archery equipment. They have 10 bow presses and a full service pro shop which
includes: parts, a shooting range, and a store front.
There are many choices of bows in the market today. It is the personal attention backed by
years of problem solving that makes Macrotech so valuable to the Archery community and you.
Macrotech excels in making your bow fit you properly and will help you perform properly with it.

Len Marsh is the owner of Macrotech which is more than just an archery
shop. It is a standard for PRO Shops. With a large inventory and selection,
coupled with talent to give customers the best service for setting up
equipment, it is often visited by customers from around the country.
Len graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BS in Industrial
Organization and Management.
Len worked for 33 years as a Manufacturers’ Rep in the Defense Electronics
field assisting in design/evaluation of electronic and RF microwave
components and systems.
He started Macrotech Accessories in 1993. Using engineering analysis and
testing criteria, developed techniques unique to the industry that
transitioned him into one of the premier archery technicians/specialists in
the industry.
Len has been a consultant and seminar speaker for the Archery Trade
Association for ten years. His seminars have drawn large numbers of
archery dealers from around the world. Known for his flamboyant and
outspoken style, he provides ‘facts with a flare’ that draws large crowds to
his seminars.

With an emphasis on ‘pushing the envelope’ to find better ways to meet the
customer’s needs, he has worked as a consultant with archery industry
leaders to develop products and tools. He has received two patents and has
several others under the ‘Patent Pending’ category. Tools that he has
developed are manufactured for the industry so that other dealers can

Personally I have been going to Macrotech since 1997 and being the bowhunter I am it is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Marcotech was actually just a lucky find for me, while home from college I was searching for a specific arrow at the time, and Marcotech was the only store that had them in stock. So after speaking with Len for a while he intrigued my interest, and the knowledge he presented about bows, archery, form, etc made me a believer. Now I was still cheap at the time, so my first real bow I didn’t actually buy from Len, I got one with a friend at the time who had found one of those real good deals, enough said. So, a cheap price is all that I got from that experience, but it was also a lesson well learned. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is out there for a reason. What’s the point in having a nice bow if it isn’t shooting properly. I got my nerve up and went crawling back to Len for help. Len proceeded to tell me this was wrong, and that wasn’t right, and I wasn’t standing right, and he went on and on and on, and I was like who is this guy. So finally after some fine tuning and tweaking my bow was shooting like a rifle, and I was shooting it like a marksman. That experience sealed the deal for me, never had I learned so much in such a short time. It’s been over 10 years since all that happened but I still go to Len today to have my bow tuned, tech tips, updates, and just good stories with a friend. Len has been crucial to my success as a bowhunter because he has taught me proper shooting form, and I know my bow has been set up and tuned to perfection. I hear people talking about changing their site every time they shoot, or adjusting this and that, and this is stuff you shouldn’t have to worry about after you pick your bow up. I know people want thing done right the first time and that is what Len is all about, Perfection. If it’s not right he won’t let you leave his shop until it is. I could go on for hours about the good experiences I’ve had dealing with Len, or how good my bow shoots, and even how much of a better archer he’s made me but why do, you need to stop in and see for yourself. From one archer to another go to Marcotech, listen to what Len tells you, and you will shoot better. Period.”