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Happy Birthday To Mr. Huntography

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the founder of Huntography, Rudy. Have a great day brotha and may there be many BBDs and big Elk of course. Enjoy your day bro.


Maryland Bow Opener 2013-2014

Spotted by our good friend Mike Poddo or @Prez_Tuck on Twitter.

See below looks like Md bow season will open this year one day earlier than last year. We open on Friday September 6, 2013. For all you hard core early bow season hunters like me this gives us one extra day to pursue a giant velvet buck. Get ready cause it coming quick.

20130622 102443 Maryland Bow Opener 2013 2014


Food Plotting In Maryland

20130601 112852 Food Plotting In Maryland
Got a real good start on this plot this morning I’m a little behind so I want to do another round of tilling to take care of the weeds. I should be in good shape to plant tomorrow and with the upcoming storms tomorrow night and Monday grow baby grow.


Food Plots Installed

Finally after weeks of liming, tilling, fertilizing and spraying roundup I got two of my plots in today. I finally feel I’ll get the results I’ve always hoped for as I made sure my pH was good, fertilizer is good, and I planted today with a chance of rain in the forecast the next five days. I dream of having food plots that grow 3-4′ high like you see on tv, but realistically I don’t think it’s possible on the small plots I do cause of the number of deer I have hitting them. None the less I’m still very excited to see what grows considering the prep work I’ve put into these plots. I also want to thank my loving wife as she helped me today after work as I’ve been suffering a back injury as of late. She should right, it’s not like she won’t take advantage and try and shoot one of my big bucks. Take a look at the plots I’ve got, both on the woods with a deer trail running between them.

20130517 183922 Food Plots Installed
This is the first plot, I planted clover in this one and my wifey helped me spray it with Antler Kings Plot Max. Check lil Holly Freyer out with her sprayer.

20130517 184214 Food Plots Installed
Here is the next plot, a little smaller and I planted Hunters Specialties Booming Beans.

20130517 184336 Food Plots Installed
All I can say is I hope all the hard work pays off, and these things grow like crazy. Say a little pray for me and send some rain my way. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the growth of the plot and the bucks I’m hoping will visit. Good luck with yours if you are planting.


Spring Minerals Are Key For Big Bucks

During lunch I went to check on one of my mineral sites that I refreshed this winter. To no surprise the deer have been killing it, and I feel like I’m a little behind getting it refreshed for them. Minerals are crucial this time of year for all deer and especially for those bucks growing giant antlers we like to chase so much. Stop slacking and go put some minerals out. My favorite is one called Luck Buck, it has a strong apple smell and the deer love it.

20130517 160330 Spring Minerals Are Key For Big Bucks


Maryland Huntography on Facebook

I’ve been asked more than enough times so you can now find Maryland Huntography and myself on Facebook. Come on over and check us out.


It’s Raining Turkeys In Maryland

As Maryland turkey season continues the number of dead turkeys keeps rising. So far this year the turkeys have been falling hard and fast. Two more birds took a dirtnap today. My good buddies Peyton and Pete each smoked a bird this morning. Congrats guys I’m really proud of you, and I hope a little luck rubs off on me tomorrow when I get out.

20130426 211918 Its Raining Turkeys In Maryland
A view of Pete’s bird

20130426 212103 Its Raining Turkeys In Maryland
Here is a nifty picture from Peyton.
Congrats again guys, I love hearing about all the success my friends are having. I can’t wait to get out in the morning. Nothing like a gobble to get a Saturday morning started. Good luck all and happy hunting

Beautiful Maryland Morning In The Turkey Blind

20130421 064844 Beautiful Maryland Morning In The Turkey Blind

Doomsday For Maryland Turkeys This Morning

20130419 091743 Doomsday For Maryland Turkeys This Morning

Here we go, turkey season is going good and another turkey has fallen to the old lead snow ball. No turkey for me this morning but I put my good buddy Peyton Emerson on one. Congrats to Peyton for a fine bird. Hopefully I’ll get my chance soon. Happy Hunting.

Another Maryland Turkey Down

Well my boys here in Maryland keep knocking the turkeys down. Here’s a big congrats to our good friend Tuck with Iron Kin. Way to go Tuck!

20130419 070640 Another Maryland Turkey Down