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Big Buck Alert!!!

The big boys are definitely on their feet, one of my buddies just took this picture from 20 yards in his car. The rut is happening, get out and hunt. Good luck and shoot straight!

20131122 074857 Big Buck Alert!!!

BBD For Good Friend Donald Babilow

Congratulations to our good friend Donald Babikow that took a great buck over the weekend. Donald is the father of Tim, one of my field editors. Donald and Tim have been practicing QDM on their farm for years and it’s really starting to pay off as they have both harvested nice bucks this year. Way to fellas, and congrats to you both once again.

20131111 200525 BBD For Good Friend Donald Babilow

Big Buck Success For Fellow Marylander Tim Babikow

All summer long my good buddy Tim Babikow had been watching a bachelor group of bucks on his farm. As things normally go in the farm the buck started to disappear and sightings were down. Tim unfortunately wasn’t able to catch up with one during bow season, but it all changed this weekend. Last Thursday Maryland’s early ML season opened on Thursday but Tim wasn’t able to get down until Saturday night. He was fortunate enough to bring his son Nate who told his dad, don’t shoot a doe get a big buck. Well that is exactly what Tim did , he put down one of the shooters he had been watching all summer. Very proud of you buddy, that’s a nice buck you got there. Congrats to my man Tim on a great buck. If you know this guy, you know he really deserved it.

20131021 131921 Big Buck Success For Fellow Marylander Tim Babikow

Maryland Bow Opener 2013-2014

Spotted by our good friend Mike Poddo or @Prez_Tuck on Twitter.

See below looks like Md bow season will open this year one day earlier than last year. We open on Friday September 6, 2013. For all you hard core early bow season hunters like me this gives us one extra day to pursue a giant velvet buck. Get ready cause it coming quick.

20130622 102443 Maryland Bow Opener 2013 2014


Sheds Are Fun For All Ages

Picture sent in by Tim Babikow

20130608 152900 Sheds Are Fun For All Ages

Dorchester Delight

My field editor Tim Babikow shared this with me, made me jealous, so I thought I’d spread it around.

Sika burger covered in hams and Swiss! Dorchester delight!!

20130519 181725 Dorchester Delight


Maryland Huntography on Facebook

I’ve been asked more than enough times so you can now find Maryland Huntography and myself on Facebook. Come on over and check us out.


Multi-State Concealed Carry Course

Well today I find myself in a course for a concealed carry permit which will allow me to obtain the Nevada permit which is good for 35 states, unfortunately Maryland, my own is not one of them. I find myself in this course with all ages and races all here to claim their freedoms before the poor excuse of leaders we have try to take them away. I urge you to stand up for your 2nd Amendment rights and never strong fighting for the rights out fore fathers have given us on the Constitution. I myself am very excited to complete this course and obtain my permit to LEGALLY CARRY A GUN.

Deertour Starts off Right in Maryland

wpid 20121112 093908 Deertour Starts off Right in Maryland

A big congrats to my buddy Shane Muller as he smoked this nice little buck this morning as Deertour has fallen upon Maryland. Shane, myself, and the godfather of Huntography Rudy, all set up within 10yds of everyone as we successfully harvested a deer with three people in a tree. It was such a magnificant morning as I watched Shane smoke his buck a mere 10 yds from me. He stuck the deer perfectly in the lungs, abd he only ran 60yds. Stay tuned for more exciting action right here in Maryland.

Deertour and Bow Adventures Magazine

wpid Bow Adventures Cover   Fall 2012 Deertour and Bow Adventures Magazine

Well get ready for it as Bow Adventures online magazine will be released soon as it will be talking about the Huntography movement and Deertour. Stay tuned for updates and please check out the online magazine at Thanks.for.the support.