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Good Luck Muzzleloader Hunters

So for the first time as long as I can remember I’m going to miss early ML season. I am concentrating on a new venture but I’ll be in the woods in spirit. Maryland early ML season starts tomorrow and I want to take a minute and wish everyone GOOD LUCK and SHOOT STRAIGHT! Please share you stories with us here at Maryland Huntography.


Day 2 Morning Hunt In South Carolina

Well I hate to say it but not much has changed this morning compared to yesterday. It seems like there was a bit more shooting at first light but that has quickly died off. My buddy Darvin did shoot a small buck this morning, and I’ve yet to see a deer myself. But like I’ve said I’m just happy to be here, and for now I’m just hanging out waiting on the deer. God speed!

IMG 1786 Day 2 Morning Hunt In South Carolina

Gobble Gobble Boom!!!

For the first time in many years I missed opening day of turkey season. Fortunately for me I have no lack of friends that hunt and I got to live through two of my buddies that scored on opening day. With the excitement in the air I was up at 3am Saturday morning and on the road shortly after. Two hours later I arrive, got my gear together and made my way back into the woods. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before the first gobble woke up the woods. There was one, then another, and another, it was a spectacular show listening to the birds up and down the river. I tried to work the birds but they really didn’t respond well and eventually after they flew down they faded off in the wrong direction. Things were pretty slow for an hour and then I noticed a hen go by on the ridge but she didn’t respond either. I keep calling softly every ten minutes or so and about another hour the hen made another appearance and came by at 50 yards. A half hour later I heard a gobble behind me not terribly far so I called softly again a few times and put my calls away. It was dead silent until I heard some faint scratching or movement from behind, so I got my gun into position hoping for the best. As I sprained my neck looking over my right shoulder I saw him creeping in dead silent so I knew it was go time. I readied myself as the bird got within 10 yards but had a few small trees between me and him. He stopped right behind the trees and started purring at my decoy. I seriously don’t know how he didn’t see me shaking, I guess I was lucky that decoy had his attention. I remained focused and watched him closely and as he made his way past the trees I through my gun up the first instant I could. BOOM!!! And he was on the ground, motionless I might add, but I was shaking with excitement. My 3.5″ turkey load at 10 yards was a little much for him to take, but hey at least he didn’t feel a thing. My first turkey hunt of the year had been a success.

20140422 213831 Gobble Gobble Boom!!!
What a beautiful bird I had just outwitted, every one feels more triumphant than the last. It had warmed quickly so I loaded the bird in the truck so I could get him on ice.

20140422 214236 Gobble Gobble Boom!!!
I then proceeded to hurry home so I could share my hunt with my family. My wife loves to turkey hunt and was suppose to of been with me that morning so I was anxious to show her the bird. Sharing the success of my hunt with my family made the day perfect.

20140422 214633 Gobble Gobble Boom!!!

A Maryland Record Book 8pt Taken Down!

Here’s a picture of one of the best 8pt bucks I’ve ever seen and it was taken in MD just recently. I know the deer was 6.5yrs old and the guys only had one pic of him at 3.5. Just goes to show how wise these old bucks can get. I have been asked to keep all information about this deer confidential so just enjoy the picture.


20131223 154910 A Maryland Record Book 8pt Taken Down!

Maryland Huntography Dirtnap #15: Mistaken Identity Leads To A Beautiful Young Buck

If there was ever a good time to tell a story it’s now. Yesterday on the last day of Maryland’s firearm season I had the opportunity to shoot a great buck, and I did, just wasn’t the one I thought he was.

With an invite from one of my best buds Dave Ziegler, I found myself in a tree on his property Saturday morning. It was a pretty slow morning as I had only seen one doe early then nothing till 8:30 when a train of deer charged down the hill. I was scanning the woods head on when I heard crashing behind me and When I turned around there was a pile of deer coming down the hill. I immediately noticed a nice buck in the group, got my gun up and began glassing him. He was a superb buck, long main beam, long tines, great mass, but he was only about 13″ wide. Now as he got closer I also noticed he had a split brow time that made him an 11pt. This buck ended up at 15 yards from my stand but I was uncertain whether he was 3 or 4 yrs old, either way I knew he needed another year and he would be a true giant. This was truly one of those experiences that keep you coming back for more. Things got slow again after those deer left and as I was about to get down I saw another herd of deer coming of the ridge the other ones came from. These deer were a little farther away and again I noticed a nice buck in the group. This time I noticed a palmated side of his rack and immediately thought of a buck Dave showed me a picture of, Shrek, could it be him. As quick as I saw him, he was gone that fast. Wow, could it be, I had to get him and I was thinking I wanted to hunt that spot again for the evening.

We all retreated back to Dave’s fathers house to warm up and figure out plans for the evening. We talked about the deer we saw and looked at pics and talked of potential deer to shoot. Dave showed me pictures of some other bucks but none were what I saw and I was pretty sure the last buck I saw was Shrek. Shrek, just like the buck I saw had a big club like end on his left side as well. With the snow storm I it’s way out hopes were high the deer movement that evening would be great.

The snow started around 2pm right when we were getting ready to get back into the woods. I got my gear together and headed into the snow storm with high hopes of a BBD. It took me a while but I made to where I wanted to be and started climbing my tree. I was only half way up when I heard some crashing and saw some deer crashing down the hill side where I saw them in the morning. Right away I saw a good buck so I grabbed my gun and tried to ready myself. Without really thinking, I let the excitement get me and as I tried to rest on the top of my climber it slipped a little since it wasn’t locked in and I gave myself quite a scare. As I gathered my composure, the buck had made his way into the thicket of rhododendron and again I settled myself. I found him in the scope and saw the palmation on his left side and the Shrek tunnel vision kicked in. I was dead certain it was him, and without even thinking I never looked at the rack again. I got solid on my stand and got ready for the shot. I followed the buck in my scope and as he made his way through the brush I patiently waited for my shot. He made he way into an opening where I could see his shoulder, I steadied my crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. The buck dropped instantly and as I started to celebrate he jumped up and was gone in an instant. I called Dave and told him what happened, and we decided I needed to get down and look right away since it was snowing so hard. I got to the spot where he went down and found blood. I followed blood for about 300 yards and found the buck down in the creek. The closer I got the more insecure I was about who I shot. As I got right up on the buck I just couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t Shrek, and he wasn’t a giant, damn what had I done. Well I had made mistake, I had gotten so caught up in the moment, and who I thought he was, I left all rational thinking out the window and I had shoot a magnificent young buck with the same characteristic of the giant Shrek. Damn did I feel bad, and know I had to tell Dave. He arrived and totally understood, I knew he was disappointed he lost a great young buck, but understood what happened. I think this has happened to all of us at one time. Just goes to show you can’t ever assume anything cause accidents do happen. I take this experience as a reminder that no matter what you always I mean always need to properly identify your target. Dave I am sorry brother, I know how hard you manage your property. I hope this story sheds some insight for people that are performing QDM on their property.

20131215 113609 Maryland Huntography Dirtnap #15: Mistaken Identity Leads To A Beautiful Young Buck
Sorry I found it kind of hard to smile when Dave took the picture.

After you properly identify your target.

Big Buck Success For Dave Zeigler Sr.

Congratulations to my good friend Dave Zeigler Sr. on this monster buck he harvested on the first day of gun season. This buck they call Crusher had been roaming the farm all summer long and finally met his fait as he was searching for a doe early Saturday afternoon. Crusher had been watched all summer and into the season by Dave’s son Dave Jr. who runs all the cameras on the farm. Crusher is the biggest buck they have taken off the farm this year and the biggest for Mr. Dave to date. Congrats again on a super buck.

20131201 150037 Big Buck Success For Dave Zeigler Sr.

Big Buck Down For Chris Venker

Congratulations on your opening day shotgun buck.

20131130 091400 Big Buck Down For Chris Venker

Opening Day Of Gun Season Is Here InMaryland

A good start to a great day. Good luck hunters, let’s put EM down!

20131130 044458 Opening Day Of Gun Season Is Here InMaryland