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Family, Friends, and Guns Never Hurt Anyone

20130609 194905 Family, Friends, and Guns Never Hurt Anyone
I had a great day hanging out at a good friends sons graduation party. I had the chance to hang out and mentor some kids while shooting some 22s and sharing hunting stories. I don’t know about you but guns have always brought me good memories not bad ones. At some point all these ignorant people trying to take away our freedoms need to start looking at the users and not the guns. Never stop fighting for your rights especially if they are responsible for making memories that will last forever.


Ammo Is Good

I didn’t used to worry about how much ammo I had laying aroud cause if I needed some I just went and got it. Well as you know that is not the case anymore and you have to go searching for it. I wanted to share with you what felt like a treasure hunt today as I scored on lots of ammo. I’ve been checking the chain stores like Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shops, and Internet sites with no luck so I decided to think about where many people are not.

20130322 180634 Ammo Is Good

After much thought I found myself at Brownstone Trading Company owned by Brad Vosburgh, located in Westminster, MD just minutes from my house. Brownstone is a small gun shop that has been around longer than I’ve lived in Westminster. Brad had been dealing in guns his whole life, is very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. I’m glad I got back to his shop as I especially like supporting the small local businesses over the big chains. Just like the big chains Brad has seen increases in his business since all the government BS has started. Being a small business he still hasn’t seen the mad rush like others have, and that brings me to the point of this post. Don’t overlook the small guys cause they might have exactly what you are looking for. I went in there today not expecting much but to my surprise Brownstone had a very good supply of ammo. Like I said after months of searching it was like finding buried treasure, well except you gotta pay for it, haha. Nevertheless it was nice to be able to pickup what I needed and a little more. If you are close I’d advise you to check him out if you are still looking to replenish your ammo supply. Check out my score today.

20130322 182057 Ammo Is Good

Happy Shooting everyone!!!

Opening Day of Maryland Gun Season Is Here

 Opening Day of Maryland Gun Season Is Here

GOOD LUCK HUNTERS! Be safe out there and have fun chasing them deer. Please share you stories right here at