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New Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail

One of my best buds, and my first official Field Editor for Maryland Huntography, and creator of, Dave Ziegler was lucky enough to attend this past weekend’s Maryland QDMA’s annual banquet. He was also fortunate enough to meet and interview Dale Gertz, and now brings us the story of the new Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail. Thanks Dave, and well done.

Every now and again, a Whitetail Buck emerges to mystify all who lay eyes on him.  Well, Planet Whitetail brings you the new Maryland Monster Buck!  Planet Whitetail traveled to the Maryland Quality Deer Management banquette, where we met Dale Gertz, owner of Q.B.H Homes.  Dale is also the owner of something else special.  The New Maryland State Record Non-Typical Whitetail!  The bucks official score, a stunning 208 7/8 Pope and Young inches.

dalegertz1 533x800 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

An amazing thing about this buck is that fact that he broke off his left side main beam in velvet.  If you look closely at the photo, you will clearly see the break.  Dale tells us that the buck would have likely scored over 230 inches if he had not broken off that part of his main beam! At the QDMA banquette on Saturday, there were vendors on hand, such as Chesapeake Taxidermy, Code Blue Scents and The Maryland Hunting Quarterly.  Even still, the Gertz Buck was the center of attention.  It’s not often, that the words Maryland and 200 Inch Whitetail are uttered in the same sentence.  Don’t get me wrong.  Each year, this small east cost state produces a hand full of Boone and Crockett Bucks. Every now and then, you might even here about a buck cracking the amazing 200 inch mark.

horses 0331 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

The Gertz Buck on the other hand is special.  This four year old buck has everything you could wish for in your buck of a lifetime!  The buck sports an amazing set of antlers.  Wide, with massive main beams measuring well over twenty inches.  Amazing ten inch brow tines and kicker points coming from all direction.  Perhaps most impressive, the buck sports three drop tines, including one off the deers right main beam that has to be close to a foot long!  The Gertz Buck is the real deal.  A real Monster Buck!

I was really excited to be able to spend about forty minutes talking with Dale about his New Maryland State Record Whitetail.  Dale was more than happy to tell his story!  We looked at trail camera photos of the buck in previous years and Dale told me about how he went to great lengths to secure property that borders his Anne Arundel county one hundred fifty acre farm.  With nearly three hundred fifty acers between owned and leased property, Dale began his QDM program.  Running trail cameras, planting food plots, designating sanctuary areas and completely changing the way he and  his friends were using his property, Dale was able to grow and hold the Monster Buck.  Like so many of us, Dale became obsessed with the buck and even named him Kickers because of the numerous kicker points the buck sports on it’s giant rack.

Gertzbuck New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

The full story of this amazing buck is almost too long for the pages of this blog. With that said, Planet Whitetail is excited to be working exclusively with Dale Gertz on a story to be published in the pages of  North American Whitetail Magazine.  Planet Whitetail will bring you all the details on this amazing buck. From trail camera photos to scouting and management tricks used by the author, down to the fate full day when this Maryland Monster met his match.  Keep your eyes on Planet Whitetail for updates and details on that story including when you will be able to pick it up for yourself later in the year. Here is one final picture of the unforgettable beast. 

Dale Gertz 800 New Maryland State Record Non Typical Whitetail

Hunt Hard.