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Apparition Scents in Maryland and the Maryland Bowhunters Society

AS1 Apparition Scents in Maryland and the Maryland Bowhunters Society

This past Saturday I attended the Maryland Bowhunters Society as Managing Editor for Maryland Huntography and Field Staff for Apparition Scents. I was proud to be at the event representing both, and spreading the word about what I am trying to accomplish in Maryland. The MBS banquet is a great event for bowhunters and hunters alike in a state where hunter seem to be a dying breed. MBS is the perfect organization to support as they are constantly fighting for our rights as hunters. Apparition Scents recognized the great contributions MBS has made and that is why they became one of the sponsors of the MBS banquet. This years banquet was the largest ever in MBS history, and with the strong support of Maryland hunters the event was sold out. It was great to meet and great with everyone as well as see us as hunters united for one great cause. I will say there are some changes coming for MD hunters next yr, regarding deer harvest limits, and the price of our licenses. Check back for updates I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

As I mention above Apparition Scents is now a supporter of MBS, and as a Pennsylvania founded company they are looking to expand into Maryland. I am proud to be on their field staff and I will be speaking to local Pro Shops to see if I can intrigue they’re curiosity. All the products in Apparition’s line are 100% natural with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Now who does that, these guys that who. It was a real pleasure working the MBS banquet as I got to meet the owners of Apparition Scents, Jason and Rob. These are two great guys that had a dream, and now five years later they are living it They started the company from their basements, and simply by word of mouth and the quality of their product they are branching out all across the nation. Their products range from deer scents, cover scents, to an amazing scent killer. Here’s a brief round down of the line:

Dead Red: Territorial buck lure

Nosy Whitetail: Curiosity scent for all whitetails

Blind Date: Doe in Estrous lure

Nightmare: A Pre Orbital gland lure that drives bucks wild. Apparition Scents is only one of a few that have this product, and it worked so well it got recognized in Peterson’s Bowhunting magazine as one of the top new 300 products of 2012. You’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Autumn Oak: Acorn cover scent

Appalachian Woodlands: Forest cover scent

Pine Patch: Pine cover scent

Phantom Hunter: Powerful human-scent eliminating product.

Like I said, I will be trying to get Apparition Scents into all the local dealers in Maryland. Please check out the products and give them a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed. If you have any question feel free to contact us on the website at Apparition Scents.

Thanks for checking us out here at Maryland Huntography. Help us grow and send in your stories. We want to know what is going on in your Maryland Outdoors.

Maryland Huntography heads to Maryland Bowhunters Society Banquet

Apparition Scents Invades Maryland Bowhunters Society

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Here’s our booth at the banquet. I’m very excited about the opportunity to be on Apparition Scents field time. Check us out