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Don’t Forget Your Minerals This Spring

20130519 131844 Dont Forget Your Minerals This Spring

Spring Minerals Are Key For Big Bucks

During lunch I went to check on one of my mineral sites that I refreshed this winter. To no surprise the deer have been killing it, and I feel like I’m a little behind getting it refreshed for them. Minerals are crucial this time of year for all deer and especially for those bucks growing giant antlers we like to chase so much. Stop slacking and go put some minerals out. My favorite is one called Luck Buck, it has a strong apple smell and the deer love it.

20130517 160330 Spring Minerals Are Key For Big Bucks


Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

Post written by Field Editor, Tim Babikow, aka GOOSE and Twitter @wildthing22tb

What a beautiful weekend! It was great weather to get out in the woods!

This weekend I had the chance to get out and freshen up mineral sites. Mineral sites are very important for Spring, and Summer. Not only do the Bucks need these essential minerals for antler growth, but doe’s will use them as they prepare there bodies to care for, and give birth to this years fawns.

Two of my favorite products are the Trophy Rock, and Vita-Rack 26 Lick site. I have had very good luck drawing in the bucks with the Trophy rock, but I believe the Vita -rack 26 has what it takes to help those bucks grow inches! It has 26 different vitamins, and minerals!
I start the process by clearing debris on or near heavily used deer trails, then turn over the first 3-4 inches if soil in a 3-4 foot area.

DSCF0094 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

After loosening the soil I pour vita rack in and mix with the loose soil, then sprinkle some on top. Done! That’s all you would have to do, but I usually take it two steps further. I use the Trophy Rock on top of the site, because it seems to work very well in attracting the deer to the site within a few days. I even put corn directly in the lick site just to make sure the deer get right on it.

DSCF0079 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

Not only will this benefit the herd, but it is a very good spot to hang a cam to get a first look at that future P&Y!!

DSCF0099 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

DSCF0081 800x600 Minerals in Maryland, A Year Round Tradition

Deer use mineral sites all year, so it’s never to late to get out there and put some minerals to work for you!

Bowhunting in Maryland with the power of the Brown Bag

wpid 2012 03 07 13.45.59 Bowhunting in Maryland with the power of the Brown Bag

For the past three years I have been using BB2 from Big&J Company. Everyone is always  looking for a competitive edge when chasing those weary whitetails. I have no problem personally vouching for this product. In all my years of hunting I have never put a more effective attractant in the woods. I don’t know what it is but deer just can’t resist this stuff. I have also noticed that once you put it out, BB2 has incredible holding power. I’ve had deer visit for up to two weeks after its gone. BB2 is packed full of minerals that seep into the ground along with an initial punch of 18% protein. I use BB2 mostly after the season is over and through the antler growing season to help enhance my bucks. Its completely up to you when and how you use it, but if you want to see more deer simply USE IT. BB2 comes in 6 and 20lb bags and can be found at our local Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas. You can also go to their website to find dealers in your area. If you want bigger healthier deer than you have got to try BB2.

Minerals-Preparing for your Maryland Whitetail Deer Season

wpid 2012 03 05 14.16.57 Minerals Preparing for your Maryland Whitetail Deer Season

One of the best things about deer season is that it never has to end if you put your time in constantly preparing for next year. This is exactly what I do by putting minerals out the first chance I get after the season ends. I have found that over the past couple years minerals have dramatically helped hold deer on my properties during the off season. My deer are healthier and the bucks have definitely added more bone. I am simply expressing my personal experience and success in case you’re looking for hard data. So today I put out a new mineral came across that seems to be worth its weight in gold. Its called The Mineral Mizer Bag and you hang it and it drips minerals for a year. The you simply dump it out, refill and re-hang yearly and you’re back in business. This product comes in 3 flavors, acorn, apple, and persimmon. I’m excited to see how my deer take to this new technique of providing minerals. You can check them out at Stayed turned as I will post a review of this product soon.

Post Maryland Deer Hunting Season – Mineral Time

wpid 2012 03 02 15.40.131 Post Maryland Deer Hunting Season   Mineral Time

In my home state of Maryland, I like to put minerals out right away after whitetail deer hunting hunting season is over. Its a hard time of year and the deer can definitely use the extra nutrition.