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Technology in Whitetail Deer Hunting

passthrough 300x225 Technology in Whitetail Deer Hunting

I’m sure by now most of you have at least tried a trail camera or two, and if you are like me they are an essential tool to your scouting. If you are like me and use them constantly than I have to assume you’ll had your problems as well. My field editor Dave Ziegler sent me this photo, made me want to share my thoughts. I’ve gone through just about all the brands out there, and have had problems with them all but it’s how they handled the problems determined their future with me. Looking at the photo above, and look close because this picture has captured two of the most desired features in a quality camera. The picture quality is of course great, but what else do you notice? Look closely, bottom center below the deer. Yes it’s a bloody arrow, this deer’s demise was caught on film and that brings me to my point. I have gone through many types and brands looking for cameras with the best picture quality and trigger speed. From what I have gathered over the past 5 years running at least 6 cameras a year, I feel confident to recommend Cuddeback and Moultrie cameras. Both provide excellent picture quality and great trigger speed and are moderately priced with other comparable brands. I will say the customer service for both these brands is superior to all others I have dealt with.  If you value your cameras and picture like I do than I know you want the absolute best for your money.