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Good morning and good luck hunters, today is the day we wait for all year, let’s make the best of it and hand out some Dirtnaps this morning. Despite the humid warm conditions I’m 20′ up excited with anticipation of what might come by. Good luck, and remember SHOOT EM WHEN YOU SEE EM!!!

Maryland Huntography 2014: Dirtnap # 20 Donkey Down!

As a hard-core bow hunter I love to brave the cold and hit the stand during late-season and last night was no different. I slipped into my hang on about an hour before dark because I know the deer aren’t moving until that last 30 minutes. Right on cue at about 5 o’clock I saw movement in the thicket. Five deer slowly made their way out of the thicket headed in my direction. I slowly grabbed my bow and readied myself for the shot because I knew it was going to be all or nothing. As the deer got into range I was focused on the lead big mama doe. She was very smart had her ears out and was looking hard and finally after a 15 minute stare down she gave it up and my spitfire are it up. By the sound of the shot I knew I hit a little back but she only ran 30 yards and stood there. Right as I expected her to drop a dog came out of nowhere and ran all the deer away and there went my doe. Man do I hate dog walkers in the woods and why would someone be walking their dog so late in the evening. Anyway I got down recovered my arrow and what I suspected was true from the sign on the arrow. I decided to come back this morning and take a look. I hit the trail I last saw her take and not more than 100 yards there she lay. My shot wasn’t as bad as I thought, I entered near lung and came out the gut. What a great feeling it was to recover my big doe. I almost feel as successful getting a big old smart doe like that just as much as getting a big buck. Keep at it this late-season it can be very rewarding.

20140118 114754 Maryland Huntography 2014: Dirtnap # 20 Donkey Down!

20140118 114828 Maryland Huntography 2014: Dirtnap # 20 Donkey Down!

Maryland Huntography 2014 Dirtnap # 19: First Deer Of The New Year

A few days ago right before the really frigid air moved in I was able to harvest my first deer of 2014. Always a special moment for me to have hunting season overlap into the new year. We have recently been hit with some really frigid weather and I always take the opportunity to go out for a nice chilly bowhunt. It was 18° that night with 20 mile-per-hour winds as I waited on stand patiently for an opportunity. Just as it was getting dark I looked behind me to see 3 doe headed my way. They slowly fed through and when I had my shot I delivered a lethal hit right behind the shoulder. She bound up ran about 30 yards stood there wondering what had just happened and within another second she had fallen over and passed away. My spitfire had hit it’s mark and I had my first deer of 2014 on the ground. Never do I feel more successful than when I’m bowhunting and cold weather.

20140108 132619 Maryland Huntography 2014 Dirtnap # 19: First Deer Of The New Year

Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap # 18: A New Years Donkey

To go along with the rest of 2013, New Years Eve had it’s up’s and down’s. I had planned to hunt that evening and everything was going as planned, got done work early, had a good wind for the spot, and the weather was perfect. As I reflected back on the year I couldn’t help but think of all the bad things that had happened, and I was so glad to see 2013 go. As dusk began to set in here came the deer, and I’m talking about seven of them. They fed in like roaches on birthday cake. I grabbed my bow and readied myself as this was going to be tricky. I love a situation like that, seven sets of eyes to beat, I do love a challenge. As the deer fed in I had some as close as ten yards and the longer this went on the more nervous I got. I had my eye on the largest doe in the bunch, and after nearly fifteen minutes I had the big girl at ten yards quartering away so after I made sure all eyes were down I made my shot. My arrow penetrated in front of the rear ham and exited the deer between the opposite front shoulder and the neck. In a split second I almost instantly shit down all vitals in that deer and that’s why she was dead before she hit the ground thirty yards from the shot. What a triumph to over come those odds and get it done on New Years Eve.

20140102 212047 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap # 18: A New Years Donkey
With my heart still pounding I hurried down out of stand, swapped my camera card, and made my way to the truck. I had party to get too so I was rushing to get this deer dealt with so I could get home and start the second part of my night. I got to the truck and began stripping off my heavy clothes, got my dragging gear, and went to get my knife from the back. Uh oh the back was locked so I went back to the front door, locked too, I then ran around the truck to the drivers side, locked…damn it. Well that’s not exactly what I said so use your imagination and you’ll probably guess right. I’ve done this before but never while hunting and never an hour away. I made a call to a locksmith service in which 15-30 minutes turned into 2 hours and quite a bit of money but they saved my night. As bad as that experience was, it was turned around that quickly as I discovered a new shooter buck while checking the card I had swapped out. I got home, got cleaned up and changed, grabbed my wife and we had a great New Years together. Now with 2014 in full swing I have another great buck to chase after till the end of January.

20140102 213910 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap # 18: A New Years Donkey

Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap # 16

Good night to give a donkey a Dirtnap in the snow. Glad I had a good hunt tonight cause there’s warm weather moving in for the weekend. Get’er done hunters.

20131219 182125 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap # 16

BBD For Best Friend Peyton Emerson In Ohio

Sometimes your luck is not always where you hope it would be, but as long as it’s by your side that is all that matters. After a very exciting but unsuccessful start in Maryland, Peyton headed out to Ohio in search of big country bucks. He had smacked a few does before he left and seen several big bucks but just wasn’t able to put his tag on one. Peyton has now been on his Ohio lease for two years and after putting his time in and some close encounters last year he felt this was his year. Luck had fallen by his side as he arrived right when the rut began to break open while cold air was in place. I had to listen to him for days tell me about all the bucks chasing does and I had nothing going on at home. After three days of hunting and enjoying intense rut action Peyton finally caught a glimpse of a shooter buck on the forth morning. He had the buck in and out of the thicket all morning long and finally after coming back again Peyton was able to let an arrow fly. After two years in the making he carefully aimed and smashed that spitfire right behind the shoulder of the beast only to watch him crash a meager 40 yards away. All the work, all the time, and all the effort had finally paid off.

20131119 060352 BBD For Best Friend Peyton Emerson In Ohio
Congratulations to my man for getting it done in Ohio. BBD baby for Peyton Emerson. Way to go man.

20131119 060511 BBD For Best Friend Peyton Emerson In Ohio

Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap’s #10 &11

After a few days of good hunting with good friends Scott and Michelle Thryselius I wanted to make sure they went home with plenty of meat. Both had shot opportunities and while Scott shot a doe, both passed up small bucks almost every hunt. Unfortunately it warmed up during their hunt and the bigger bucks just didn’t seem to wanna move. None the less it was a great time had by all, more incredible memories made, and a freezer full of meat was brought home. Does it get any better than that, I think not.

20131117 171644 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #10 &11

Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #8: Finally A Big Rut Buck Down!

This past Saturday morning I ventured into the woods with high hopes of seeing some good rutting action and the possibility of harvesting a big buck. I got up early, showered, got to the property in plenty of time, did everything right but sometimes it just doesn’t matter. As I started walking into the woods I could see eyes so I stopped and they just remained still, one set low one set high. I grabbed my bigger light and to my surprise there was a big buck bedded down next to a doe that was up feeding. First time for everything so I wasn’t sure what to do I decided I’ll grunt and just walk slowly at them. I did this and at 30 yards the buck finally stood up and they both casually trotted off. I then quickly got up in my stand and not minutes after getting set up here he comes chasing her back my way. This chasing went on for an hour or so and around first light they came within ten yards but it still wasn’t shooting light. Then they were gone and how disappointing was that. About ten minutes later he she comes out of the thicket and he was right on her. They came by at forty yards but again no shot and they once again vanished into the thicket. Just as my hopes were crushed I hear crashing coming my way only to see a little 4pt chasing a doe. Now this was intense as he chased this doe hard core for over an hour. Back and forth they went, it was crazy, and they were both exhausted. This bout of excitement soon ended and I was left with the peaceful quietness of the woods. I hung out another two hours and by 10 I was more than ready to go. I stood up to start packing my gear together and I heard the sound of crunching leaves. Immediately I thought damn that 4pt is back but my heart dropped when I turned around to see it was the big boy. He had come out of one thicket and was trying to get back to the other. He circled downwind about 50 yards below but then caught the scent of my Apparition Scents Blind Date estrous lure and that pulled him into 30 yards. He got directly downwind of me and when his head went behind the tree I drew and took aim. After clearing the tree he stood there with his nose up and I plowed an arrow right behind his shoulder. WHAT A RUSH! He took off for the thicket in which he came and I found him laying in there no more than a 100 yards from where I shot him. You have got to love the rut.

20131114 165509 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #8: Finally A Big Rut Buck Down!

20131114 165649 Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnap #8: Finally A Big Rut Buck Down!

Maryland Huntography 2013: Dirtnap #7

So this is a good one, and not my usual kill but interesting none the less. I walk into one of my neighborhood spots today to check one of my cameras and after I finished up I turn around to two doe staring at me. I was shocked and not sure what to do but they were almost blocking my way out of the woods. I said screw it and just causally walked around out of the woods and got within 5 yards of the deer as they just stood there and watched me. Once out of the woods I hurried back to my truck, grabbed my bow, and snuck back to the wood line. I could see the doe about 30 yards in just feeding so I made my approach. I took it step by step and eased my way in trying not to spook the deer. Every time they looked at me I froze and they eventually went back to feeding. I got to twenty yards and an opening I could shot through so I slowly drew my bow and waited for a good shot. This movement alerted her a little as she lifted her head and kinda figured it was time to go. As she turned I had my angle so I tapped the trigger and my Bowtech put that spitfire right through the middle of her rib cage and it crashed through her opposite shoulder. I immediately saw blood on impact and then she was gone, and then I heard the triumphant sound of her crashing in the woods. Wow that was pretty intense, I can’t believe I just pulled that off on an old mature doe like that. Her smarts are what got her killed, she must have been so used to seeing neighborhood people that she let this situation get the best of her. My biggest doe this year.

20131101 163835 Maryland Huntography 2013: Dirtnap #7
This just goes back to what I always say,


Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4

It is early muzzleloader season in Maryland but right now I’m short time so I went to a quick bow spot this morning. I wish I could of been out with the ML but then again I love hunting with ole faithful my bow. I slipped out early to a local neighborhood spot I have that backs to big woods making it a little better than it should be. Being that I was around 100 yards from houses the bow is ideal for this. I got set up nice and early as this was the first hunt at this spot this season. About 10 minutes before shooting light I heard some movement and saw the outline of a deer below. Now only if she would hang around until legal shooting light. Just as I was able to shoot she had made her mind up to leave, but that slight hesitation gave me a chance to draw my bow and strike her down.

20131018 171902 Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4
It was early and that was quick and quiet so I decided to wait and see what happened. A had a few fawns feed through about 15 minutes later and as they were leaving I saw another big doe working up the ridge my way. Took her nearly 20 minutes to get there as she was old, smart, and cautious as all hell. Just as she was getting ready to cross into my shooting lane she got a whiff of the arrow from the first deer and freaked. You how they jump back, legs all spread, yeah that was her. Same thing, as she turned to leave I drew my bow back and sent my arrow crashing right behind the near shoulder. She was dead and didn’t even know it.

20131018 172410 Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4
Neither of the deer were any match for the spitfires I sent through them as they both only went 50 yards. I feel pretty good taking two mature doe with my bow during ML season. I know the Apparition Scents I had out helped keep the deer calm enough that they didn’t bust out of there right away before I could shoot. This hunts goes to show you that with a proper setup on a small property anything is possible.

20131018 172834 Double Down: Maryland Huntography 2013 Dirtnaps #3 & 4