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New Maryland Whitetail Deer Regulations for 2012-2014

Well it’s been talked about it, disputed, argued over, and I’m sure a few even yelled but it looks like the MD DNR has made their mind up on the new deer hunting regulations. Here’s a quick rundown of what I discovered. There are still two Regions, A and B, and they have their own limits on doe harvest. Now here is the important part, you are now only allowed 3 bucks per year total, one per weapon. Yes, that means one with your bow, one with your ML, and one with your gun. I know you are getting mad, I hope not, but let me finish, now DNR did give us a BONUS Antlered deer stamp in REGION B ONLY, that is ONE BONUS STAMP that can be used under any weapon of choice. You do have to buy the stamp, and harvest two does first as always. So if you only have land to  hunt in Region A, this does not apply to you, and I’m sorry, so hurry up and make some friends in Region B. Now for the grand finale, and this makes me extremely happy and delighted as I’m as hard core as you get from beginning to end. You ready for this, you sure, ok here it is, BOW SEASON NOW OPENS ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2012. I don’t know about you but I feel like this is a great victory and I for one am totally pumped for the early opener. For more information please review all the regulation changes at MD DNR.