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Rockfish Roundup In Maryland

Before there was turkey hunting, there was spring rock fishing and that’s what I did, and what I still love to do. Trophy rockfish season opened this year on Saturday April 20th in Maryland and I was turkey hunting but my crew was out there and I joined them on Monday. Spring season was chilly and slow this year but we got it done as always. I go rock fishing every spring on my good friends fathers boat ” The Chesapeake Lady” owned and operated by Dale Emerson. Dale and his son Peyton are two of my best hunting buddies and good friends. It’s always a pleasure to spring time with them in the spring fishing and enjoying the time on the water. Dale is a excellent captain with years of experience that matches any of the professional guides that roam the Chesapeake Bay. This is the first year that I didn’t get to reel a fish in but I wanted to share the success of my friends cause their success is mine as well.

20130513 213141 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland
My morning of fishing. Just admiring the sunrise over the bay.

20130513 213303 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland

20130513 213346 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland

20130513 213405 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland

20130513 213439 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland
Captain Dale Emerson on the right.

20130513 213550 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland

20130513 213613 Rockfish Roundup In Maryland
This was the biggest fish caught this spring, it was 45″ and weighed 45 pounds, what a beast. Here’s a little recap directly from Captain Dale: We fished a total of 13 days. Even with rough-weather and/or rainy conditions occurred almost every day, and the very slow migration of the fish from spawning areas persisted during most of the first two weeks of the season due to low water temps, we still managed to take 39 fish, a far cry from 71 and 50 in 2011 and 2012. But, even with those conditions, we did very well as compared with my good friends in the charter fleet. We did catch our limit several days. The cold water in the main Bay was generally accepted by experienced fishermen as the main reason for lack of fish in the area. The majority of the fish were still up in the shallow areas of the rivers, in spawning mode, and reluctant to move to the colder water in the main Bay where we are allowed to fish during this early season. Heavy spawning activity was still being reported in the upper reaches of the rivers and creeks during much of the two weeks. The migration out of the rivers and down the Bay began later than normal, and more fish began to show up in our area about Wed of the second week. Wed was my break/ make-up day, so had no crew and did not go out that day— mistake! Good weather and fish catches started that day. I caught fish during the morning bite on Thu and Fri, and headed for the dock early both days. That’s fishing. I believe everyone took home enough fish to have a good meal or more of fresh rockfish. Can’t beat the taste of fresh rock!

Sam Thacker pulled in the biggest fish- 45 inches and about 45 lbs. It took 25 minutes to bring that real trophy to the boat. He did a great job of playing that fish just right. During the two weeks, we had 6 fish in the 40 inch + class (citation size).

Thank you Mr. Dale for one hell of a good time as always. I’m glad to be part of such a great tradition with such great friends. Remember memories last forever but the rockfish fillets got eaten quickly. Peace ya’ll.


Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

Post written by Shane Muller, Field Editor

DSC 0776 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in MarylandEaster Break was here and gone as fast as the snap of a finger for me, but I did get to enjoy my last day on the river with my dad. He has been out a lot in the past couple of weeks with friends and they have caught a good amount of small stripers, nothing super huge.

DSC 0769 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

DSC 0770 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

Well we knew today was going to be super windy and cold, but we decided to give it a shot because there were reports of guys hammering them yesterday morning on the Flats. So we got up and went out at sunrise, and we fished till 12. The water was super rough and choppy which caused all the mud to be stirred up and fishing dirty water is no good! But we stuck it out, no stripers at all today but I did manage to find a nice largemouth bass! If you guys are looking to fish the flats, my dad has been drifting through 10 ft of water using bass assassins and jigging them, also he has been using rattle traps.  This has been successful for smaller ones. Today I caught my bass on a rattle trap drifting through 7 ft of water. The fish are here and there are more on the way!

DSC 0744 532x800 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

This is the time to be out! It was a well needed day.

Maryland Fishing Seasons

wpid SC20120315 201221 Maryland Fishing Seasons

I thought this was the perfect time to write this post as we are getting close to one of the most popular days to MD fisherman. In just about one month the Maryland Trophy Rockfish Season opens on April 21st. Every year there is great anticipation for this beloved day. I am fortunate enough to have an open invite from close friend Dale Emerson to fish on his boat ” THE CHESAPEAKE LADY ” opening weekend every year. It is such a thrill to be part of opening day waiting at the docks for departure. In some ways its like being at NASCAR and you’re waiting for that flag to drop. Being on the bay taking part in this great tradition brings excitement and memories every year. My fondest memory every year is that first bite and everyone yelling ” FISH ON “, it’s like an instant shot of adrenaline. All thoughts and actions go immediately to the task at hand, landing that fish. Opening day of rockfish is a time honored tradition that I personally look forward to every year. If you haven’t had the chance to experience this and pull in a giant rockfish for yourself I highly recommend it. Also please check out the page above for more exciting opening days in Maryland Sport Fishing. Stay tuned as I will have constant updates and pictures once the season begins.

Maryland Fishing in the Spring

Since spring is not officially here, regardless of what mother nature is showing, I felt it was time to start talking fishing. The weather is warm, the skys are blue, and the fish are definitely starting to bite. I have attached a link below so you can get the latest and greatest of whats going on in Maryland, fishing wise that is.

Maryland Fishing Report

wpid District 8 Neck 20110416 00213 Maryland Fishing in the Spring

Here’s a nice Maryland Rockfish I caught last year during opening weekend. As you can see from the.picture it wasn’t the nicest of days but it didn’t stop the fish from biting. Spring fishing can be as unpredictable as it can be exciting, just take all the proper precautions and you’re sure of a good time. Make your plans now the Rockfish opener is nearly a month away. Good luck to you on the water this year.