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Sheds Are Fun For All Ages

Picture sent in by Tim Babikow

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Family, Friends, and Shed Hunting in Maryland

wpid 2012 03 17 12.14.57 Family, Friends, and Shed Hunting in Maryland

On a day this perfect there was nothing I could find better to do than a good ole fashion shed hunt. So I hit the woods with my step son Brandon, and one of my best buds and field editor Dave Zeigler. We marched around in the woods for a few hours finding four sheds, plenty of bones, and other surprises. Make sure you get out there and enjoy it before it’s just too darn hot.

wpid 2012 03 17 10.18.25 Family, Friends, and Shed Hunting in Maryland

Here is Brandon very proud of the sheds he found. Great day to spend with family and friends. I surely hope you all are half as blessed as I am.

Shed Hunting in Maryland

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Well today may not be ideal weather for hunting but if you’re a shed hunter you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. My buddy Pete Kilchenstein took advantage of today and in a couple hours he really filled his basket. Thanks for sharing your find with us today Pete.
Shed hunting has really picked up in popularity and has grown along with the QDM mentality. Shed hunting is so rewarding in so many different ways you have got to try it if you havent already. Most guys that practice QDM are more than anxious to find sheds from bucks they have been watching all season. I do this myself and let me tell you it is such a good feeling to find a shed and know that buck made it through the hunting season. Shed hunting is also a great time to spend with family, it’s a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors, and best of all it can be some of the most productive scouting you do all year. I didn’t use to shed hunt but now I’m addicted to it, so if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it.