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Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

Post written by Shane Muller, Field Editor

DSC 0776 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in MarylandEaster Break was here and gone as fast as the snap of a finger for me, but I did get to enjoy my last day on the river with my dad. He has been out a lot in the past couple of weeks with friends and they have caught a good amount of small stripers, nothing super huge.

DSC 0769 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

DSC 0770 800x532 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

Well we knew today was going to be super windy and cold, but we decided to give it a shot because there were reports of guys hammering them yesterday morning on the Flats. So we got up and went out at sunrise, and we fished till 12. The water was super rough and choppy which caused all the mud to be stirred up and fishing dirty water is no good! But we stuck it out, no stripers at all today but I did manage to find a nice largemouth bass! If you guys are looking to fish the flats, my dad has been drifting through 10 ft of water using bass assassins and jigging them, also he has been using rattle traps.  This has been successful for smaller ones. Today I caught my bass on a rattle trap drifting through 7 ft of water. The fish are here and there are more on the way!

DSC 0744 532x800 Easter Fishing Weekend in Maryland

This is the time to be out! It was a well needed day.