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South Carolina Day 2 Hunt #4

20130816 161521 South Carolina Day 2 Hunt #4
So here I sit again amazed at the site I’m looking at. I’ve already seen 6 deer only as I made my way into stand, and I’m foaming at the mouth thinking about what might step out. The hunting ground that Buck Run has never seizes to amaze me. Time to get to work.


A Buck Five Years In The Making

Last night one of my best friends, Dave Ziegler harvested a great 8pt buck in full velvet adding yet another trophy to his wall.

20130816 092834 A Buck Five Years In The Making
Dave and I started our journey five years ago after watching the same tv show and finding out South Carolina opened up a month earlier than our state at the time. We both then decided it was something we definitely wanted to do so the search was one. Dave quickly found an outfitter, Buck Run Hunting Lodge and luckily for us they had an opening. We booked it and we’re on our way. The place was amazing, the experience was even better but unfortunately neither of us were able to seal the deal on a velvet buck.

After such a great experience there was no doubt we were coming back. The second year was a little better for Dave as he shot a small buck, just not quite what he was hoping for but the early supply of meat is always welcomed. The third and fourth years were a little of the same, seeing bucks just none that he wanted to shoot, or they were out of range. So as I sat in my stand last night I was thinking, man I really hope Dave gets his buck this year. There was tons of shooting last night and it wasn’t till I got a text full of velvet that I know he had fulfilled his goal. I was proud of Dave and super excited he finally got his buck. The experience at Buck Run is like no other that’s why we’ll always be coming back, deer or no deer. Hunting is not all about the kill, it’s about the great experiences and memories you can create in the outdoors. Congratulations Dave, you finally did it bro, great buck.

20130816 094326 A Buck Five Years In The Making

Day 2 In South Carolina

20130816 064137 Day 2 In South Carolina
Well it’s day 2 here in good ole South Carolina and I’m waiting for sunrise. So far so good, us Maryland boys have 2 good bucks on the ground hoping for more today. Should be anytime the activity starts this morning. Stay tuned for more.


South Carolina Velvet

20130815 174022 South Carolina Velvet
Day 1 Hunt #2 Beautiful field…PRICELESS


First Marylander To Kill A Deer This Year

20130815 130224 First Marylander To Kill A Deer This Year
My buddy Darvin with a great little buck from opening day this morning. He is the first Marylander to harvest a deer this year that I know of. Congrats Darvin


2013 South Carolina Deer Opener for Maryland Huntography

Once again I find myself down south sitting in stand waiting for that first glimpse of a deer. Yes I’m back in South Carolina for opening day as I’m hoping to bag another giant SC velvet buck. Stay tuned.

20130815 064757 2013 South Carolina Deer Opener for Maryland Huntography

Maryland Bow Season Opens One Month

One month from today I’ll be sitting in my tree stand finally appreciating all the hard work I do all year. Just a little reminder to everyone that MD bow season opens in one month on Friday September 6th. Do what you gotta do just make sure you’re ready to Bring it. I’ll see you up in a tree real soon.


Bucks On The Move

With Maryland deer season approaching quickly I just wanted to share a really cool picture I got. As I’ve always said you find a big buck with a bachelor group, pattern them boys and they’ll be prime for the pickings on opening day. Looks like cool weather may have set in so get your binos out and get to work.

20130805 215343 Bucks On The Move

A Shooter Buck Has Finally Emerged

As many of  you know I pretty much eat, sleep, and drink beer, haha, seriously though, I do have deer on the brain all the time. I’ve been running my minerals all winter and spring, put my food plots in the spring, and placed my cameras out a little over a month ago, all to just get a glimpse of a shooter buck to go after this fall. I was pretty dang excited to check cameras this year considering all the nice bucks I had on camera this past January, but to my dismay buck sightings, well good buck sightings have been pretty poor so far this year. Not sure if it’s because of all the rain, and the browse is so plentiful, or the big guys just aren’t moving that much. Either way it’s been quite hard to get a picture of a nice one until today. I was checking cameras early this morning so I could hopefully see something worth while before I leave for vacation, and I’ll be damn I wasn’t let down. Got a pic of a great 8 point buck I know from last year. He has certainly blown up, and put on a ton of mass, and is certainly worthy of pursuit this year. I decided to name him King Crab because of the big claw looking left main beam. Here are a few pictures of King Claw with his bachlor group. Not a bad back of deer if you ask me, lots of good genes in the mix.

PICT0576 A Shooter Buck Has Finally Emerged

PICT0574 A Shooter Buck Has Finally Emerged

PICT0577 A Shooter Buck Has Finally Emerged

So what do you think? I’m thinking he’s going to be looking pretty good come September 6. I do know there are better bucks down there and my hopes are still high I can get on one of them before it’s all said and done. Either way having a really great buck like this to pursue makes deer hunting such an enlightment as it really recharges my soul. Please be sure to share with us any nice bucks you have on camera, we’d love to see them. I have a few special words for this upcoming hunting season;


Maryland Bow Opener 2013-2014

Spotted by our good friend Mike Poddo or @Prez_Tuck on Twitter.

See below looks like Md bow season will open this year one day earlier than last year. We open on Friday September 6, 2013. For all you hard core early bow season hunters like me this gives us one extra day to pursue a giant velvet buck. Get ready cause it coming quick.

20130622 102443 Maryland Bow Opener 2013 2014