What is Huntography?

Huntography is a grassroots hunting movement. We film, blog & socialize the authentic stories & experiences of America’s hunters. Through first person storytelling & documentary filmmaking, we are showing what really happens in the outdoors. It’s a type of reality journalism that has been missing from outdoor television, videos and blogs.

We use social media & mobile technology to help like-minded hunters better connect with each other across the country in real time, from online to offline.

A big thanks to all the 2010 and 2011 Huntographers!

Filming America’s Hunters. One at a Time.

IM A HUNTOGRAPHER 302x640 What is Huntography?Hi, I’m Rudy and I’m a Huntographer!

Little by little, Huntography will take start to take shape. Sharing my vision on what I would like it to one day become would be pretty easy for me to do.  But instead, I will just let it happen, naturally. What I will share is this – if you are as passionate about the experience of hunting whitetail deer, the outdoors, archery, the shooting sports and the lifestyle, then you just might like what you see.

Are You a Huntographer?

If you’d like to be a Huntographer or join the movement in some way, please contact me.

Please share with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and more….



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