Hi I’m Rob Freyer and I’m proud to represent the Huntography nation as the Managing Editor for Maryland Huntography. I am also Prostaff for, and I am field staff for Apparition Scent Company. My love for the outdoors and hunting especially have helped me obtain the positions I have. My goal along with the goal of Huntography is to bring you the absolute best in the outdoors, and to one day be supported by the hunting industry.

I started hunting in 1997, and with my first whitetail sighting in the woods, I knew I had found my passion, and definitely my very first true obsession. Unfortunately I did not harvest a deer that year, but I didn’t let that stop me from growing into the hunter I am today. Each and every year since then I have grown, and learned to hunt whitetails better and better. I scout every chance I get, read, and learn about whitetail deer whenever  I have time. I would say that hunting has become a part of me, mentally and physically as I train my body for the hunt just like I train my brain with all the knowledge that I’ve learned. My goal in life is to become a professional hunter, I think everyone should follow their dreams and do what they love. There isn’t one day ever that I don’t dream about being in the woods and doing what I love, whether it be scouting, researching, improving habitat, working on food plots, whatever it is, I just want to be there. It was only the natural course of events that I join with a great team, and we go for the gold. I do the majority of my hunting in Maryland where I have lived all of my life. With my ever growing love for hunting I have began hunting all over nation, and have fulfilled some smaller goals like harvesting mature bucks in the great states of Iowa, and Illinois. Not only do I hunt deer, I have successfully harvested many turkeys in various states, been successful on a self guide Antelope hunt, and have even harvested a black bear in New Brunswick, Canada. My desire for hunting has taken me to many places, and has brought me some tremendous adventures, and now it’s time for me to share those with you. My life is now complete as I have my passion and obsession under control, I finally managed to find my one true love, Holly Freyer, whom I married in May of 2010. Holly brought her son, Brandon with her, whom now I have a new passion in life to share with them all I love about the outdoors. We have now been together five years, and have already shared many great adventures, as I’ve had the pleasure of filming my wife take her first long beard in Maryland and New York. There is so much to do, and so many more hunts I hope to share with them. All of my experiences, all that I’ve learned, and all the skill I’ve acquired over the years have brought me to this past hunting season, the Maryland 2011-2012 whitetail deer in which I was able to harvest 30 deer, 24 of which came from the bow. So please keep you eye on Huntography, and be sure to follow me on Twitter as @BigbuckPW as we plan to bring you the best of the best in outdoor adventures.

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  1. Always great to find another CT outdoor Blogger.  Good luck Drew and stop by my blog at to enjoy some hunting posts

    •  @jimevansct Hi Jim! Nice meeting you virtually as well. Maybe one day you and Drew can connect locally. That would be cool.

  2. Hey bud your site looks really nice. You guys really get your bucks.

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